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Dreadlock racism

user image 2015-01-31
By: Tati Bear
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Just read some thing on the internet just now that really just threw me with its crap logic and hate. I'm new to physically wearing dreadlocks but I feel like my hair`s whole life has been waiting for them and for me it's fucking AMAZING having them. Now if this is how I feel about it, then I cannot be the only one. I truly feel like this world is hate filled enough and that if you find some one or even a group of people who "feel you" then it should be taken in as a blessing. Even if the only thing you have in common is the way you keep your hair. I personally feel that there is only ONE race of people who should have dreadlocks man and that's the HUMAN RACE (but if any animals wanna get on board I won't be hate`n ;) Bob Marley said it best man- "Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, every where is war." Dreadlocks are for all of us, not for some of us. They originate where all good things do and that's from our Heavenly Father and Creator. So seriously man stop making them out to be only for some and not for others. It's that kind of ass backwards thinking that's the problem with the world.
Tati Bear
02/09/15 04:01:56PM @tati-bear:

 No doubt man, I just don't get people some times. I'm sayin, as a group man kind is in need of some serious damn help. We all live here on this earth, we all need the same basic things to survive, we all take a shit at some point of our day, and we're all gonna die eventually. No where in there is any kind of defining factor that makes one human better than another. Life has enough problems without your fellow man being hell bent on destroying you in some way. 

02/07/15 02:56:09AM @drs:

Ain't that the truth. Being taken in by people who barely know you feels great! And that's SAD! Why? Because when something so humane and simple, necessary even, brings one to epiphanies, I believe we feel so great because we are conditioned throughout our lives to trust few. Yes, acceptance is wonderful, but it also implies the other end of the spectrum. Negativity. Too many directions in life, with temptation at every fork, begging us to do this and that, here and there, now and then. It's confusing. 

Love & truth

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