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user image 2011-06-12
By: Tara2
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My Locks are 2 months old. I have recently started just LEAVING THEM BE! I was using wax and a metal comb and all that stuff you can get from dreadheadhq. I was palm rolling, waxing, backcoming. I have stopped all that and now my dreads are constantly dreading together (I just rip em apart) and they are COVERED in tons of loops. Will these loops go away at all? I know they give my head some character and a lot of them look super cool with the loops, but then others just look horrid. I'm just in need of some advice. I've just been letting them do their thing. Not sure what to do with them when i'm sleeping either, they get very messy when i'm sleeping. Anyone have any words of wisdom for a dreadlock noob?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/12/11 02:03:40PM @soaring-eagle:

keep removing wax wax is evil and you do not want to leave it in there

loops mostly go away when mature but a few stay

when you sleep u need o be constantly rearranging them..oh but wait..your that case maybe you should just sleep ?

theres not alot to do when your asleep now is here

so when u wake shake em out the messiness is dreadiness

leave em be

just keep removing wadx and (not) doing what your doing

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