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Combed Out Three of my Dreads

user image 2012-04-08
By: Tara C
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Most of my dreads are quite stiff, and a couple of them have hard spots. I assumed the worst: WAX. So I combed out one of the thin-ish, only half-way dreaded ones out, expecting to see the horrors of waxy remains...but no. There was literally nothing there. So I dunno why they're stiff or anything. Anyway, I decided to comb a couple more out, mostly the ones in the front/middle, because...the ones in the middle are basically forced into sections that don't feel right, and I get the feeling the roots will never tighten in those ones, because they're just too...unnatural, I guess. Plus, the past few weeks I've had the urge to start again using the neglect method, but I love my progress too much. So now I've found a good middle ground, and I'm excited to see the transformation from normal hair to dreads :)

On a related note, if anyone reading this is early into the dreading process and wants to comb them out and start over, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO IT NOW, DO NOT WAIT. Combing out 8-month old took me two hours to comb out each dread, and I have blisters all over my hand. And a headache. I still have one left to comb out, but there are tears in my eyes over the thought of doing that again :\ ah well.

Tara C
08/01/13 06:49:27PM @tara-c:

Thanks Sweet :) I know they 'harden,' but at the same time, everyone's always saying how soft their dreads are (and how soft they look). Not to mention, I can hold my dreads out (some, anyway) and they'll actually just stay vertical. Which isn't normal :(

08/01/13 06:22:57PM @sweet:

When either parts of or some of your dreads are going hard that is because they are maturing, have you ever felt a really mature dreadlock on another person, they feel as hard as rock, your dreads r doing exactly what they r supposed to be doing, i was so shocked to feel how stiff and hard they went, i even asked someone here what was going on, in the matting process they just keep on getting more tangled and firmer as times goes, real mature natural dreads r really hard, this is shy you didn't find anything in the dread you looked at. This is the first time i have ever heard of anyone doing this, please don't worry its part of the process :)


04/15/12 11:15:14AM @sussi:

I know what you mean with the sections not feeling right. I have split a few dreads that either felt to big or just "wrong" and I'm really glad I did. Now I like the sections and sizes and can focus on being patient and leting them do their thing. :-)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/08/12 11:08:16PM @soaring-eagle:

yea thats a relief

Tara C
04/08/12 10:42:51PM @tara-c:

I guess they're kind of dry. I always assumed it was that they were thick or not long enough to be droopy or something. I mean, my thinnest dread isn't stiff, and it's also the longest, so I don't know if that's a possibility, but that was the only thing I can think of. Least I can rest assured that it isn't caused by wax though, that was what made me decide to comb one out and check.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/08/12 10:33:49PM @soaring-eagle:

were they dry? being too dry can cause some minor stiffness but typicaly only in spots not the whiole dread

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