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Tanner Hawkins


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new dreads. tips, help?

By: Tanner Hawkins
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new to the site and new to dreadlocks. just dreaded my hair with twist + rip method about 3 days ago. had extremely straight smooth hair beforehand. they feel like theyre locking up well, it takes time and i'm fine with that, but does anyone have any hints/tips for healthy new dreadlocks? any help is much appreciated!

-T hawk

la Renarde
07/16/13 08:46:43PM @la-renarde:

About your question on the chat, I totally second Barrellady If you think your sections are too tight, or if you want to grow totally natural freeform dreadlocks without any intervention, you could undo some or all of your dreadlocks. But if this isn't an issue for you, just let them be and they will loosen up by themself with time and become beautiful natural dreads. Love.

Tanner Hawkins
07/16/13 08:32:46PM @tanner-hawkins:

what shampoos would you recomend?

the Barrellady
07/16/13 08:22:01PM @the-barrellady:

This is a high conditioning shampoo which will cause any knotting to slip out. .....Mane 'n Tail Shampoo is the orginal horse to human crossover shampoo that provides fuller, stronger, longer, healthier hair. An exclusive original hair care formula that contains high latering cleansing agents fortified with moisturizers and emollients. Any shampoo that offers body and shine means it is high conditioning. A great shampoo for anyone who needs hight conditioning shampoo, but not us...

  • Cleanses hair thoroughly, yet will not strip natural oils
  • Rich, fragrant lather provides body, shine and manageability

If you think your sections are too tight, then I would take those out. If you think they will be able to loosen up to dread, then let them be. I did a few skinny ones too tight and at 1 1/2 years later, those ones have paddles or big nobs on the ends, the rest is skinny, not mature like the others. Elastics are more of a problem then help. They do help keep the sections together for the look, but they also hold the hairs in place so they are unable to move about, even single strands move to start knotting and maturing. They will also hold the hair damp underneath them, you should have a good drip line so all the water can run off the ends. Here is the map so you can see. You are in a pretty good section, you may be able to use a few more choice of dread shampoo than some of us. You are pretty close to soft water.. Don't worry if some look better than others, they will all change over time, so you can leave them if not too tight.....time to go on the ride...enjoy

Tanner Hawkins
07/16/13 06:24:19PM @tanner-hawkins:

THANKS!! right now to wash, i am using mane and tail shampoo, nothing else, no conditioner, etc. nothing was added when we twist n ripped, but i still do have these small elastic bands in, they are not rubber bands they are "goody ouchless elastics" and i have them just at the tips, not roots. i am not sure my water type, but i live in atlanta, ga USA if that helps determine. we did them somewhat tight, but by "locking up" i mean they feel like theyre doing something good, not necessarily that they are extremely tight or hurt or anything. some are better than others. what would happen if i re-did any of them? thanks! ive always felt that i needed dreadlocks and i am totally down for the journey. it fits me.

the Barrellady
07/16/13 04:24:58PM @the-barrellady:

I hope nothing was used, then it is just the changes starting to happen for you, but again, allow them to loosen up, okay? ...peace

the Barrellady
07/16/13 04:16:27PM @the-barrellady:

Hey there, glad you are stoked about your new journey. You will see so many changes happen over the course of months, including them becoming loose or even the T&R becoming undone, looping and shrinking. All this is normal. You mentioned you feel they are locking up well...the feeling of locking this soon into your journey may be due to something else, sometimes a residue build up in the hair will give the impression of locking up, but you are only 3 days into your journey. What are you using to wash with? What is your water type? I left you this on your other posting, read it so you know what you should be expecting right now:

Did you add anything into your hair when you did the T&R? Did you do them really tight? Lets try and see why they feel locked up after only 3 days. When mature, they should be solid in shape but feel squishy and soft, not firm and hard........

By the way, you certainly suit dreads, they look great on you.....peace

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