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Getting closer to finding my home

user image 2013-03-29
By: DreadfulAmenita
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Maybe there are people who are more atmospheric than others. I've known a few people who I think could be happy anywhere. I, however, have always longed for the greener grass on the other side of the fence. I grew up in Alabama, which I always found to be totally unfair. Even as a kid, I knew I didn't fit into the South. Growing up, I had my own style that I was often judged for... just for wearing tye-dye or all black or whatever was in my mind as comfortable that day. I never picked up a southern accent. I couldn't think the way everyone around me thought.

I'd almost given up hope. I'd been to the northeast, I lived in Hawaii for a few months. I lived in Texas. I even spent time in South America and a few weeks in Africa. I've always felt devoid of the feeling "at home". I was starting to think I was just one of those people like my grandmother who could never be happy no matter where she was. I don't want to be a malcontent. But I didn't want to settle in a place that didn't feel right. I just want to feel that sensation of comfort that I imagine people feel when they belong in their surrounding.

I married a traveling construction supervisor, gave up my job as a nurse, and we have traveled the country ever since. It has taken almost 3 years or working/traveling together before we finally got to travel the "uncharted waters" for me: the West Coast.

Oh my gosh, I cannot tell you how happy I am to have spent even a few weeks on the West Coast. We just finished a 2 week job near Portland, OR, and I feel like I have finally gotten close enough to a place that calls to me as home, like I've been hearing "cold... colder... cold... warm... no, cold" and I finally hear in my head, "You're getting warmer!"

My husband and I want to buy land and build a cabin... or yurt... or underground home, depending on the environment. Lucky for me, my husband knows how to build. It's just been a matter of saving money and finding a place we both love enough to set down roots. We love traveling so much, and we're both so picky about where we want to settle down. Oregon has been the first time I've felt remotely prepared to start looking. I don't know if it will be here or Northern CA or Washington, but I feel we're close!

I have to say, those who have been born, or raised, or just have managed to migrate here, I find you to be sooo lucky! I know everyone has different tastes in places they find homey, and I think that's awesome, because it would be rough if we all wanted to live in the same place. But from my perspective, those who live on the West Coast I think they are truly blessed. It is gorgeous here. The strangers I've met here have not stayed strangers long. I love the attitudes of most people (there's still assholes everywhere, I'm convinced, but I've met less of them here, and they're probably from somewhere else anyways).

I just feel truly happy to be here. Now that our job is finished, we have a little time before the next job starts... wherever that may be, we never know until the last minute. But we have a little time to explore more of the area. I want to see Multanomah falls and the Japanese gardens near Portland, and Mt. Hood. :)

03/29/13 06:01:12PM @taby:

Oh, wow, that's another place I'd love to see someday. You guys are very lucky! Especially going in the summer. :)

03/29/13 10:49:32AM @taby:

Alaska... what an adventure! After 3 years, I can imagine it's harder to uproot and leave friends. We move every few months, so it's much harder to build relationships. I miss family sometimes, but I'm with you; I remember how lucky we are to see so much of the country... and get paid for it. I do hope you end up going somewhere really awesome in June!

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