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An Introduction and beginning timeline

user image 2012-10-17
By: DreadfulAmenita
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I probably shouldn't even bother starting a timeline when my baby dreads are less than a week old. But truth be told, I could use the support. I love dreads. I know my hair wants to be free. My husband is incredibly supportive. But it stops there - my hubby and my hair are the only ones happy or supportive at this point. Not that I expected my conservative family and friends from Alabama or Texas to really jump on board. :) Here's what I've got so far.


Not my favorite picture, but it shows a typical day of struggling with my hair. I've battled this head of curls my ENTIRE life. I've wasted so much money on products to tame frizz. Straightening was a nightmare. I believe my hair has been refusing to behave because it wanted to be left along to do what it wants.

Day 1:

Last picture before I started tnr. I'd spent a few days researching. Thought about going to a salon, but my scalp is so sensitive, and I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of backcombing or wax. Stumbled on some forums here and was encouraged that I didn't have to do either. I was just going to stop brushing, but the be honest I didn't have that much patience. :P I chose tnr, because I didn't want to lose all my length. My hair grows SO slow.

I spent all day by twisting by MYSELF. My arms were so sore and weak I could barely lift the camera. I was still pretty scared at this point, but I'd been looking at others posts on this site and taking encouragement from them.

Days 2 and 3:

I posted this on facebook and still have received ZERO responses. Not much support. I don't know if I did it right or well, but it's done, and I'm content.

Went on work errands with my husband, so I needed something "presentable", and this was what I came up with. I like the curly ends. I have no clue if it's okay to have curly ends, but that's what my hair wanted and that's what it got.

My beloved pomeranian, Woobie. He travels everywhere with us, and I love him dearly. This is my tam I created in a day. I'd crocheted scarves before, but this was my first attempt at anything not long and rectangle. I was very pleased with myself and the pattern I found online.

Any comments and tips are welcome. I used aloe once, and I liked that it helped tame some of the frizz at the beginning. The tops and bottoms are very loose, because I was working by myself and didn't make them as tight as possible, but I've been reading others' forums on the subject, and I think that's okay? My plan from here on out is to let it be, shampooing with Dr. Bronners 2-3x/week.

10/18/12 11:47:38PM @taby:

Christine, your hair looks great. The dreaded curls are fun. The ones around my neck have always been tight curls, and even after tnr they're still very curly. I like them. The rest is majorly frizzy right now that I'm just wearing tams so I don't see the frizz and start messing with them. I also find bandanas incredibly helpful. Good luck on your journey!

Christine Tiffany Smith
10/18/12 10:56:47AM @christine-tiffany-smith:

hey. mine are also curly at the bottom and curly along the top where its knotted already , i find it fun, coz when i was my hair they go back to being curly, only bigger curls.... i also struggle withfindinga presentable thing to do with my hair. right now i rocks a headband and leave them hangin. or just tie them up in an untidy bun....

10/18/12 10:16:49AM @taby:

Thanks, I feel great with them. I didn't expect the curly bottoms, but that may be my favorite part at this point. :)

10/18/12 12:50:20AM @michellemaw315:
You look great with your dreads! And I love love love the curly bottoms!

10/17/12 01:15:40PM @taby:

Thank you for the comment. So many tidbits of wisdom there, thank you!

10/17/12 01:09:51PM @mons:
You have amazing hair! But this is coming from someone with pretty much straight flat lifeless boring hair. All my life I wanted curls, instead I got hot rollered hair that went straight again after a few hrs lol. Anyway, just remember that a lot of times tnr falls out, that's normal. What you're achieving with tnr is sectioning. Dr Bronner's doesn't rinse well in hard water, with you're traveling around it may be a good idea to find one of the geological water thingie websites (Baba Fats can help with that, I'm pretty useless in that area) so you'll know what kind of water you're dealing with and adjust your washing routine accordingly. Even with tnr you'll still loose some length when they really start to tangle and knot up on their own. If you're too worried about shrinkage, you could start taking a biotin supplement. It takes a couple months to see a difference in hair growth, but when it happens it's quite noticeable. Pretty much anything that happens over the next several months that makes you say 'wait what? Is this normal?' Is in fact normal. But that's what this site is for!

10/17/12 11:52:44AM @taby:
It shows my weakness in the area of patience and letting go of control. :-/ 2 of the things this process seems to be helping me "let go" of.

Star Gryphon
10/17/12 11:39:46AM @star-gryphon:

I'll be honest...I'm bummed you didn't want to wait for it to form itself into ropes....

I so love how curly hair pulls together making you still remember some of the curls..

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