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Location: Warsaw
Country: PL


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11/17/12 09:55:52PM @jazzymomma:

nice dreds love them tree photo is awesome, u should tie a long rope between two tree trunks and tie each end of ur dreds to it spread out and then take a pic! o that b cool too! then ur body would look like the trunk and ur dreds would b the bare tree branches lol o do let my e kno if u do it id love to c, might get features :)

09/16/12 11:43:03PM @chelseabuns:

I will start off my saying your dreads are wicked! I just wanna know, when you first started out, were there lots of bumps and loops? Do they eventually turn into what you have now?

09/13/12 10:51:21AM @grzesiek:

Cze :)

Obecnie myj 2 razy w tygodniu (w zimie bd my pewnie rzadziej). A e dredki na razie mi si robi, to nie chc, eby na wosach zostawao co liskiego lub lepkiego, aby si lepiej pltay, std mj problem z doborem produktu. Jak bd starsze, to pewnie problem czciowo zniknie (moe uda mi si znale co bez sls).

Pozdrawiam :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/10/12 11:54:30PM @soaring-eagle:

guess so haha

but if he was willing to sell em they were probly caked in wax too

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/10/12 07:52:46PM @soaring-eagle:

someone on a dread group posted "im selling my 3 year old dreads whos interested" i replied "selling dreads? i dont can you sell a peice of your soul" he imedietly removed the postr..haha

09/06/12 05:07:41PM @grzesiek:


Mam pytanie: czego uywasz do mycia dredw? Szukaem czego, co by si nadawao w kilku sklepach, ale chyba wszystkie szampony, jakie znalazem, zawieray przynajmniej SLS i gliceryn, jak nie wicej rnego rodzaju odywek, toksyn czy innych mieci. Obecnie uywam sody, ktra cakiem niele dziaa, gdy ma si dostp do w miar mikkiej wody, ale poniewa za jaki czas planuj przeprowadzk - i z duym prawdopodobiestwem trafi na tward wod - to szukam jakiej alternatywy. Wczeniej prbowaem biaego jelenia, ale on te zostawia co po sobie (wersja w pynie jest jeszcze mniej ciekawa).

A tak po za tym mio zobaczy tu kogo z kraju :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/06/12 04:14:36PM @soaring-eagle:

yea i dont get the plqstic either but i do understand if you add some0ne u care abouts dreads to your own like nember here his brother had cancer so lost his dreads and he attached emjk to his but ive seen ppl trying to sell their dreads online i dont understand that selling your dreads to a stranger?

too weird

Baba Fats
09/06/12 08:49:12AM @baba-fats:

I'm working on being patient and letting some start combining so they actually need to be separated. When they are sufficiently tangled, I'll make a vid on how to do it

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/01/12 11:56:02PM @soaring-eagle:

thats why i made this site! there are so many websites out to sell you instant dreads with wax (eww) crochet (cringe) and worse and its all about money, most of those dread makers earn as much or more per hour then doctors and lawyers.. yet they dont even need to know that dreads can happen on their own, and they dont neeed to know how tightening the roots causes balding

1 member had seen 2 diferent dread makers for 2 years her dreads had been caked in tons of wax, the loops were cut off they were twisted interlocked crochetted basicly everything u can do wrobg they did she spent 6 thoysand dollars on them and 4 thousand more on surgeries and medications cause the wax causzed infected pimples all over

10 thousand dollars wasted on nearly ruined dreads .. 1 day after finding us we got the wax out cleared up her skin she cancled her next surgery that was already scheduled

i got lucky when i started to dread i just asked an old rasta i knew how to dread and he just said to throw away the comb..


let the hair be what the hair wanted to be all along

Baba Fats
09/01/12 11:54:07PM @baba-fats:

What problems? Check out my video on separating. It's pretty detailed. A few people have found it helped them a lot.

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