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This is an address for an amazing place.

user image 2013-07-18
By: Sweet,
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This is just a nice place to have a look at, I don't believe in crocheting at all or having dreads 'done' instantly, I just thought the place they have and their style was really natural.

The fact that they both love dreads just made it all the more interesting for me and anything to do with dreads always gets my attention. Please understand that i'm so not into instant dreads done with the crochet method, but do like seeing people that have not got dreads decide to have them, I love the before and after pics.

07/29/13 05:36:23PM @sweet:

Oh Barrellady Thank you so much for seeing the situation this way, I was just so taken with the beauty of the place and love it when anyone makes the decision to have dreads rather than not, even though its instant i still think thats better than not having dreads at all, i have read that a great percentage of the people that make the decision to have their dreads done end up either undoing them or starting over the natural way, but at least it gets them on the journey.

I too would not be pulled in by their proceedure but do feel safe that i already have dreads.

Finding anything that gives me pleasure with dreadlocks i just want to impuslively share it, so Thank you for your kind words.


the Barrellady
07/28/13 03:49:47AM @the-barrellady:

All dreads do look beautiful and I love seeing them, in every shape and form. We know the healthiest way for life lasting dreads, but there are some out there that don't want to wait, don't want them for years or life, and this is the route they take. I would never "make" mine, but do understand why others do. Their choice on how they "get" their beautiful dreads. So Sweet, still appreciate the look of all the dreads you see..and don't feel bad for liking them either!....peace

07/24/13 06:32:10PM @sweet:

I get what you r all saying about natural way, yes i can see that the crochet method is by far 1 of the worst methods, me already having dreads by a more natural way already feel safe from what they do, I think i was more sold on the way they dress and their lifestyle also the fact that they love dreads so much is what really pulled me in.

Thank you though for your input, it means alot to me as i can be easily fooled by appearances, come to think of it the dreads do all look the same and i wouldn't like all that loose hair on the ends and so tight on the roots, natural is natural and i too believe that time and patience would do a far better job.Sea saltspray is theclosest thingto having a dip in the ocean soi do get what you mean about any idea to 'start dreads' is not natural and have whitnessed many regrets from people who have done the tight painful crochet method.

Exactly ' this place is pretty' and being no such thing as 'instant' dreads i see what you mean, it was just the pretty part of it that got my attention.

Tara C
07/22/13 07:40:30AM @tara-c:

Some people see natural as simply not using any products (which makes sense on that level), whereas I think many, if not most, see natural as not using any methods to start your dreads. But then sea salt spray and so on wouldn't be natural, by that definition. Anyway, crocheting and interlocking (if it's true they use that) are the two most harmful things to do to dreads, I think. So they may save people a lot of time, money and effort not having to get any wax out, but I don't think they're a good place either way.

07/21/13 11:00:55PM @gingerrose:
Natural can be a misleading term... These methods are forcing hair into the look of locks. People may have good intentions by doing this, but I find that time and patience do a more satisfying job ;)

07/21/13 09:49:49PM @taye:

The site is pretty...but.... They "make" dreads using first TnR and then crochet. They don't mention this but I also can see interlocking on the hair at the roots in the photos. They make mention over and over of creating "instant" dreads. Even though they are against wax.....they are not natural. I personally do not think this is a good place.

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