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Lesson learned

user image 2012-02-28
By: Sussi
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Today I learned an important lesson that I want to share with you all:

If you have dreads and wear glasses, never ever put your glasses on your head!!!

I did, and it took my husbanda good10 minutes toget the glasses outand he even had to cut intoa dread to free them. My scalp is still sore from the treatment and the poor dread has some recovering to do.

Oh well, you live, you learn. ;-)

02/29/12 03:30:19AM @sussi:

Tara, maybe that's the way to go when the hair don't want to dread. ;-)

Angel Frye, you're welcome. :-)

Angel Frye
02/28/12 09:56:21PM @angel-frye:

I have glasses. Thank you so very much for the advice.

Your poor hair!! ouch.

Tara C
02/28/12 09:03:59PM @tara-c:

At night I get cold so I wear this giant fleece, and the ends of my dreads are tangly, and they ALWAYS, without fail, get caught on the zip. One of them is actually tangly purely because it got caught so much that it pulled out some strands of hair. The journey of dreading I suppose :)

Blessed Earth Mama
02/28/12 07:47:55PM @blessed-earth-mama:

OMG! That is a reminder to watch out for mugwort!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/28/12 07:47:18PM @soaring-eagle:

well not fun but funny i laughed alot

and actualy it was productive

in the woods was a lil rainbow kitchen

and it was wet we were having trouble getting a fire going

but these seed balls stick together easily..and burn so we made 3 prickly teddy bears out of them (the ones we pulled from my dreads) and op[]put the teddy bears in a log cabbin tyl=pe wood structure then lit the bears on fire which lit the log cabbin which cooked the food for the couple thousand ppkl there

02/28/12 07:40:47PM @sussi:

Oh no, SE!

Sorry, I can't help myself. I'm laughing at the image in my head even though I realize that it wasn't a whole lot of fun when i happened. :-D

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/28/12 07:25:49PM @soaring-eagle:

in centrakl pa theres a farm acrioss from an ammish farm that has a big music fest called chuckstock every year (the ammish love the 24 hours a day loud music hagha ) anyway its on a sunflower farm the parkings a field full ogf mugwort mugwort has a 2 year cycle year 1 huge floffy leavges deep taproot impossible to pull out 2nd year smaller leaves tall stalk with prickly seed balls covering it and the \roots easy to pull out

we arived pulled into the parking area and after a 5 ou 6 hour drive i get ready to hop out of the car but when opening the door mi dropped something outside so i lean out to grab it and sit back up to find every single dread on my head fused together covered in thousands of these balls

it was an instant unidread!

ittook houes to pull apart

\]24 hours to pu=ick out the remaining lil peices

ofcou[-=rse there were more constantly attaching but i was careful botto let that happen again

after getting home i was picjking oyut peices for like 4 days

it was crazy..i meabn it was close to a pound of thejm attached in an instant

02/28/12 07:25:27PM @sussi:

Haha, Blessed Earth Mama.

The unknownpitfalls of dreading...

Blessed Earth Mama
02/28/12 07:13:44PM @blessed-earth-mama:

OMG so been there! And trees and bushes and TENT ZIPPERS! But by far SE verlcro is the worst! Ugh the feeling when you have to pull it off of your dreads is awful! SO funny because I sectioned my hair last night and was checking it out in the mirror. One of the bathroom cabinets was open and when I turned around a piece of my hair got stuck on the cabinet handle. And I yelled to my hubby, "OMG it's starting already"! He yelled back "WHAT"? I yelled back "My hair getting stuck in stuff! Used to happen al the time when I had dreads"! LOL

02/28/12 07:07:12PM @heather:


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