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Starting my Journey with Dreads <3

user image 2013-04-08
By: Sunshinelove
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So far I'm only about a week into dreading, and I find myself taking my sweet time. I suppose it could be because I'm not ready to make the drastic change quite yet. I add a few more dreads every day, but I've slowed down a lot as I get closer to finishing my head. I want to do all of it by myself with out specific sections so it looks more natural and crazy, but at the same time Im terrified how its going to look when its done. I've been wanting dreads for years, since I was a child even, and its taken me so long to do so. I'm trying to become what I have always envisioned myself being, and accentuating my persona. I love my dreads so far <3 absolutely love them, even tho they are off in their own world most of the time :) I suppose its hard for me to let go of societies standards, and what my friends and family are going to think when they are completely done, but its a journey I personally feel I must take. One step at a time <3 10110_429545410471170_429269277_n.jpg

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