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The world isn't going to change itself.

user image 2011-10-12
By: Sunshine
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I woke up this morning from a dream Ive had once before. I was running from a tornado, about five tornados actually, and I had this little boy with me. I am not sure where the little boy came from but i knew I had to keep him safe.

My eyes slammed open at 5:36 am and I could not fall back asleep so i decided to go for a run. It was nice and chilled this morning and the moon was full so it was a very pleasant run. It gave me time to think about alot that has been on my mind. Mostly this project I am trying to start. A good friend of mine is helping me set up a website (because i know nothing about starting a website) so that I can start selling my crochet and knitted items. Let me start at the beginning...

I have always wanted to do something to "change" the world. I knew from the time i could understand that this world wasn't a whole. I'm not big into politics, although im sure i SHOULD pay attention since i am a voter, but i know that as one earth, WE have 7 continents, 196 countries on our ONE earth. I don't know about all of you, but something in me believes we should all be ONE. That we shouldn't be worrying about all these petty little "laws" each of our countries have and that we should cut this war crap out. I know alot of it has to do with RELIGON. I personally, don't have a clue what I believe in, but I find it just crazy that we would WASTE our time here on earth fighting over something NONE of us knows for sure. I might be crazy for thinking this, but so be it.

Anyway! this brings me back to my project I am working on. I want to sell my items that I am making and take the proceeds and give them. Not just to another organization, but to the people. I want to make it personal. I want to give a family christmas! I want to give a lost puppy a home. I want to feed as many people as I can. I want to buy mosquito nets for thousands of people who need them. I want to build wells for others who need them. I want to change the world. and i can't change the world by sitting back and watching it fall apart because of something that none of us can help. we CAN help here and now, and I want to do so.

So i guess Ill see where this road takes me. hopefully to help thousands of people and spread love and peace. that is all I am in it for. I want to make someone smile.

Castaway J
10/12/11 11:12:05AM @castaway-j:

sure made me smile :) your well on your way! keep it up because the world does need change, and it starts with people such as yourself.

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