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I have hope.

By: Sunshine
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I had been considering dreads for a long time before I finally made the decision to just do it. It was very different, being able to make this decision for myself. My entire life, decisions were always being made for me. I wasn't even allowed to choose my own wardrobe as many children were. I grew up in a very strict family, where "children are to be seen and not heard" was THE rule. I did as I was told and never questioned it. I was taught not to question authority, for authority was always correct. Which, i can clearly see now, is not the case at all. When i decided to start growing dreads it was my very own choice. That was only two weeks ago and I am already seeing a vast improvement in not only my dreadlocks, but my ability to make decisions for myself. I heard people say that dreadlocks were life changing and that I'd never be the same, yada yada yada... but I guess I didn't really believe it. I knew I wouldn't know for sure unless I tried it.

I was beginning to lose hope in myself and my future. I am twenty years old and have nothing to show for it. I had so many plans for myself, to graduate college and be somebody, to change the world. My college plan fell through and I really started to believe that I had lost my chances at being somebody and changing the world. I was becoming more and more of the robot everyone claimed I was. Who am I?

Why am I here? Where will life take me? Questions I would ask myself every night before I fell asleep.

and then...

It came to me. Dreadlocks . I am not sure why I decided to do dreadlocks in the beginning, but it is all very clear to me now why I have dreadlocks .

So, here we are, two weeks in and my mind is blown. I can already see that I am not the same person as I was two weeks ago, I can't even remember myself two weeks ago. This only makes me that much more excited to see what the next few years have in store for me. I have regained my hope for myself and for my future. I am making my own decisions and I am loving the person I am becoming. Dreadlocks did indeed change the person I was into the person I am now and I couldn't be more happier.

10/03/11 12:45:18AM @sunshine:

:) thank ya guys!

Castaway J
10/03/11 12:38:05AM @castaway-j:

awesome blog Sunshine! there is a lot to look forward to!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/03/11 12:32:19AM @soaring-eagle:

wow very great post and i can so relate

my parents were alot like that too

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