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Location: Humboldt County,CA
Zipcode: 95525
Country: United States


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05/05/11 08:26:36PM @bradywii:
Hey Sista :)

zoubairi  hassan zebra
03/20/11 06:57:18AM @zoubairi-hassan-zebra:
thanks for being my friend please link to :::

Angel of Jah
03/07/11 06:58:31AM @angel-of-jah:
greeetings summer, great to hear from you, i pray the Almighty is shining His love and light on you. its just turning over to spring here in London, love this time of new growth and brighter spirits, a time for dispelling of the old and bringing in neew energies, hope to link soon sistren, prayers off love and laughter to the family

Angel of Jah
12/29/10 10:44:23AM @angel-of-jah:
Greetings, giving thanks for the freinds request, its been a very long time since i came on line, so sorry for any delay, Jah guidance for your forward,

11/19/10 03:51:29PM @colin:
i am quite well. trying to finish up my Bachelors!!!! sooooon i will be freee!

10/26/10 03:23:56AM @colin:
how goes it?

08/30/10 09:50:50PM @kris:
Hi Summer. It's been a little over a month and I'm loving em more every day! I've got lots of crazy loops and bumps everywhere too :)

06/25/10 02:22:06PM @nick4:
Hey summer, just wanted to say thanks for showing me this very cool site, i feel a lot of love coming from the people on this site and its a very reassuring feeling. I really like your cute picture, and i cant wait to see you, i hope your 23rd year is the best yet, with only better years to follow,much love always, Nick

Nathan Warren
05/24/10 06:30:30PM @nathan-warren:
hello! tanks for the friend request.

05/24/10 07:27:11AM @celestine:
hey there !thnks a lot for the request!!Peace and love girl..take care,celestine

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