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Summer Johnson


Country: US


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String in dreads

By Summer Johnson, 2012-12-09
So I'm gunna put string in my hair, to help keep some beeds in. But what kind/kinds of string would be wiser to use. Like less breakable and wouldn't rot as fast or mold...???!
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By Summer Johnson, 2012-12-05
Is it bad to have your dreads up in a pony tail a lot?If I let them loose and hang down and spin and twirl around- will the dread up better at the roots? Or does it really not make a difference.
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Loops and loose hair?

By Summer Johnson, 2012-12-03
My dreads are going crazy! There's loose hair and loops sticking out,EVERYWHERE!Is that normal? Will the loops and loose hair ever find there way into nice smooth dreads or should I do something to help them along?
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