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Challenge, and I love it

By Stubby, 2014-08-20

This last year has been a challenge, and I love it. I started my journey on December 6th, 2013. I worked for a company that I had to wear a cap. I would put my hair in a pony tail and wrap it into a bun and put it under my cap. I was absolutely ignorant about how to dread. I looked on the internet on how to dread. one person said go to the store and purchase Neutrogena shampoo anti-residue formula. That was a stupid mistake. It is so bad for the environment. My hair did absolutely nothing. read my lips NOTHING. Then I found this site, and it was like Dorthy, stepping into the land of Oz. Reality set in on how to dread the positive, real way. I lost my job this year on Feb 20, 2014. I consider this my "True" starting date. No more cap. Today is my 6th month. I have about 10 knots. It's taking some time, but that's alright. SUMMARY: So... I started off wrong. Pony tail, used the wrong shampoo, lost my job and became a vegan. If you think dreading is tough, I dare you, try being a vegan. After 60 years of eating junk and destroying my body, it hasn't been easy for me. I had to share my story with you because now I can move forward. It's been a challenge and I love it.These challenges have made me stronger. I feel better about my life and dreading has been a positive part of it. I was going to do a time line but nobody wants to see an "old fart" on here. Hahahah. sorry about the length of this story.

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small diameter dreads

By Stubby, 2014-07-16

Can one of you Dread Gurus please answer a question? I have these dread balls at the end of my hair. The diameter of the hair shaft is very small in diameter. About the size of a ball point pen refill. Here is my question...Will they dread up or is the hair shaft too small to dread up?

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