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My Dread Story.

By: Stephanie2
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We all here have one!So every time I've dreaded I have used the perm method. Which apparently is hated on, but its always worked for me. I've seen that they "don't last" but really, it will, if you treat them as dreads and not as a perm.So, in June (i think) of 2009, I decided to get just one lonely dreadlock. I was too nervous to get a full head of dreads. Where did this wild hair up my ass grow from? I reconnected with a good friend of mine when I was a younger teen, and we started dating very quickly. He had dreadlocks. now, this was the first time I had ever seen them in person, or touched them, loved them, etc. I actually really liked em - I always have, but common. White people don't have dreads? Well I grew a pair and got one. I babied that sucker. I took it out though after we broke up, it left too much painful memory, cause I would always play with his dreads, and I missed him deeply. Stupid reason to change my hair, I KNOWWW, but it happens. Love does funny things to people.Well after I removed it, I missed it like crazy. And decided to get a full head. January 2010 is when I got them, cost me a shit ton of money, but I was satisfied. The girl who did them has had dreads before. See, when I got my first dread, I was recommended by my ex & hairdresser to use dreadheadhq. I liked the site but everything was WAY too expensive, and so many of the products just didn't look, I don't know, right. In March 2010 I removed the dreads for where my bangs would be. I missed straitening and washing my hair, I didn't feel as feminine. (I'm not a girly girl, but c'mon, its kinda fun to do hair.) I LOVED my hair like this, it was like a mullet lol. Business in the front, party in the back :DWell this all ended in June 2010. I stopped taking care of my dreads and they started to look very bad. I don't know why I got lazy, but I did. It could have been the new relationship, I was spending a majority of my time with him, and he was always impatient for me to spend time on my lovely little locks. So, I regretfully got rid of them. It took several weeks cause I combed them out, and had to take a few days break in between because my scalp hurt so bad.I then nurtured the ever living crap out of my regular hair, perming, dying, not brushing, and essentially not enough nutrients near killed my hair. Luckily, I have all of my hair. It has great resilience, thank god, cause if it didn't, I would be bald.So I missed my dreads, a ton. Things weren't going so well w/ that past relationship, he was controlling. He was a part of me getting rid of them, he never really liked them. So the weekend we broke up (it was before it happened but still, he was pissed when I told him lol) I put them back in myself. (yes, perm, in case you forgot from my 1st sentence). This current dread session has only been going on for roughly a month now.See, white people hair doesn't like to dread, especially mine. I've never had "good" hair. Its always flat, gets greasy after one day of not washing, and its real fine. Granted, I have a lot of hair, and its "thick", but each strand is very thin. Dreads don't come easy.I don't know how long I'll keep them. I seem to bounce around a lot with my hair, and to those of you who are hxc dreadheads, have been & always will be, I'm probably being offensive. And in a honestly, not bitchy way, I don't care. My hair is never the same for very long, and there is only so much you can do w/ dreads. Don't take me the wrong way, I love them. I love being unique and feeling the freedom to express myself. I'm artistic & creative, always doing crazy things. I love ink & gauges. I know dreads are supposed to be a permanent change, but I just can't stay still for very long :bShare your dread story & feel free to leave any comments :)Please, no hating :(
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/20/10 06:45:39PM @soaring-eagle:

going 3 days without washing wuill make u oily if u wash daily the dreads arent oiluy cause u dont wash daily

to reduce oiliness u gotta reduce washing slowly and the scalp adjusts slowly

so wash every 2 days fotrr 2 weekds then every 3 days for 2 weeks then evert 4 and by the time your past 4 u shouldnt get oily at all

what u define as workks is the problem it destroys the hair then u add wax and glue it together thats nit dreading its making it look like dreads theres a difference

as u leave em to dread properly in a year u will see the nerw growth that dreaded naturaly is very different from the perjmed waxy parts they should not be scratchy or otchy or any of that

try the baking soda acv deep cleanse and sewa salt and do wax removal and thats it

in a year or 2 u might want to chop off the permed part cause they just never will look or feel right and will have a very different texture u can see and feel

the reasin they stopped tangling was how u were washing and how oily it got but adjusting the scalps oil production and how u washed woulda had em dreading beautifully without frying the hell out of it chemicaly

12/20/10 06:33:50PM @stephanie2:

My hair tangled badly as a kid, then thankfully stopped. I could go weeks w/o brushing my hair and it would lay just fine. Dunno why.

I don't perm my hair when its regular... I've done it twice ever, and I hate it. If I remove these dreads, I probably won't get them again. I hate perming my hair, I really do. Dying now, I always do that, and have for about 5 years. Thats inevitable lol.

My dreads somehow don't get oily - I guess I didn't make that clear. My natural hair (not dreaded) gets oily very fast. Even that one time I didn't wash it for a few days (dunno what I was thinking, I was younger) It just got super greasy, never even knotted.

I have to say, this time around (I don't count my first lock because that was just kinda fun, it did well on its own but I wasn't a dread head per say), they're doing fantastic. Locking, staying clean, not as itchy, not as rough.. Everyone's hair is different. Telling me that something I'm doing thats working for me is wrong is kinda dumb, because its like saying "this brand of lotion is bad on me, so it must be bad for everyone". Or any other product. Like I said I didn't want this to get offensive or mean. I'm moving to more natural ways when I get the chance to, like sea salt. I still have to get my hands on some, winter break is in 3 days for me, and over that I plan to read up and start doing that too. If it works for me, which I have speculation that it will, I'll stop using the other methods as much.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/20/10 06:15:19PM @soaring-eagle:

how do u know your hairs hard to dread if u never let it dread always forced it with chemicals and crap that are the harshest worst thing to do

all hair dsreads naturally u just gotta let it

u could wash less and use thrme tea and dssea salt to make it less oily

thin straight hair is in no way harder to dread u were muslead

have u not ever combed out a ytangle? u leave in a tangle another forms and another and then u have dreads

if u dreaded naturally theyd mean alot more to you and u wouldnt cut them every 4 months

in betweeen dreads u permed till u thouight youd go bald why would u do the same to get dreads your doung a hell of alot of harm to your hair when all u need to do is keep it clean and healthy

tnhats all u need to do to dread wash and keep ot healthy but i went the destroy it into submission route

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