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dreadlocks shampoo
stephanie seale


Location: Birmingham, AL
Zipcode: 35226
Country: US


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mMe And Julio Down By The Schoolyard

mMe And Julio Down By The...

7 years ago - Comments: 0
Get Together

Get Together

7 years ago - Comments: 0

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Husband :)
I just discovered this about 2 minutes away from my new farm house! Pretty stoked
Covered bridge
I love the sun
3 years!!! Growing slowly. But, surely
Color is fading fast but, I kinda like it like this


12/12/11 11:00:35PM @aika:

hi stephanie! in your info you say that you sell hula it possible for you to ship one out? i would love to purchase my first hula hoop from you :)

07/31/11 11:09:42AM @georgiafreespirit:

:) i agree with you on that.. a few of my friends have really started enjoying it though, its amazing to see others love it as i do!

by the way beautiful children :)

Trina Sandress
07/30/11 08:46:59PM @trina-sandress:

Look at you. You are very popular herealready. You and your beautiful son as the featured photo. Very cool! I hope you are having a fun and peaceful day!!!

Brightest Blessings,


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/30/11 12:01:25AM @soaring-eagle:

my pleasure i loved that photo the sec i saw it ;)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/29/11 12:50:38AM @soaring-eagle:

its as simple as i could make it considering how huge it is theres 857,000 pages as of today with tons of features

you;'ll get used to it and if u got questionds just poke me a few times

07/28/11 10:25:00AM @georgiafreespirit:

welcome :) i love your main profile picture. and i love that we have hooping in common.. namaste :))

Trina Sandress
07/27/11 11:16:16PM @trina-sandress:

Yay!!! I am glad you are here. I mention this website a lot on flickr dreadlocks groups. Very supportive group. They are going to love you and your beautiful family here! Brightest Blessings, Trina

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/27/11 11:09:08PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome i think your picture might be the next pic of the week :) glad u joined our lil community

04/14/11 06:53:50AM @mzjae:
thanks welcome

08/23/10 06:31:42AM @jayrock:
cheers for accepting. yeah! Jah bless men. :)

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