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Finally got around to writing a do I know what my dread birthday is?

By: Stephanie Krespach
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My dreadlock journey (as strange as this may sound to most of you) started by accident. It wasn't planned and I learned nothing about various dreading methods or...implementationbefore hand. I live in a really remote area and we treat our own water. It all started because I had a strong desire NOT to put anything artificial down the I read up on ways to clean my hair without shampoo...and settled on BS/ACV (mostly because thats what I had lying around). I went through the adjustment period with that and discovered Dr. Bronners...which I wash with sometimes as well. As my hair adjusted I noticed that my usually easily tangled naturally wavy red/brown mess was extremely difficult to comb without the artificial conditioners...I spent an extremely large amount of time and effort doing warm olive oil treatments and I bought about 6 different kinds of brushes and combs.

I would have to comb and or brush about 5 times a day to keep my hair from tangling up...after a particularly difficult day where I BROKE 3 of my hair combing devices by simply trying to comb my hair (i'm not kidding)...I decided that I was done with it. That was about 6 months ago.

Within the last 2 months, people began asking me how old my dreads were...and how long I had been dreading. To be honest, I was just ignoring my hair because it pissed me off. It has been snowing here since early October, and most of the time my hair is shoved up under a wool hat out of necessity. When I would go to work I'd throw it back in a pony tail of some kind of thing and that was it.

I spent most of the last monthseparatingsections and I did some very light back combing one time as a defining method. Ididn'tdecide I wanted dreads till my hair had been dreading for 5 months. I'm slow sometimes at listening to my body. I'm learning.

People keep asking me when I started my dreads, and I don't know how to answer. They were dreading for 5 months before I realized I wanted to dread. I'd love to be able to at least answer people when they ask me when I started dreading, but I'd love to be able to do it honestly. What do you guys think?

02/07/11 12:39:13PM @storm:
That's also my question. I started with just a couple dreads. Then a week or two later did the bottom layer of my hair, then a couple days later did another row. I still have the top layer of my loose and haven't decided yet if I'm going to dread that as well, so when do I start counting? When I finish my head or when I first started doing the singles?

01/28/11 10:50:15PM @jessica:
I think the journey begins when you realize it isnt just a hairstyle, our hair is meant to be like this.

01/24/11 08:04:32PM @taye:
start counting from the day you quit combing it. That was the day your journey began :)

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