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The IGNORANT people of

user image 2012-05-15
By: Stephani
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They say ignorance is bliss, but I believe it is a burden. Being close minded about any one subject shows just how soulless a person is, in my opinion anyway. Today, while searching for pictures of beautiful hair and Dreadlocks on, I came across This Photo . The comments infuriated me. I know everyone has their freedom of speech, but I don't understand the point of leaving a negative comment just for the sake of being negative. I was going to look past it until I read further down and came across a comment left by hairstylist. I had to stay something. This subject is so near and dear to my heart I could not pass up the opportunity to possibly open someone's eyes to a new idea. You can read her comment and what I said to the her in the link above, or just read it here:

Enelrahc Etraud
Im a hair dresser & have been for many many many years.. It's impossible to clean you scalp to what I would consider "clean" & the matted hair is just a collection of hair & skin & blanket lint that should have been shed.. I've had the great pleasure of removing them from several peoples head over the years.. & might I add.. I was delighted to do so:)

Stephani Chavez
Enelrahc Etraud I too am a Hair Stylist. I also have dreads. You my dear are VERY VERY misinformed, as are many others who think Dreadlocks are "dirty". You CAN get your scalp clean while still having dreads. Dreading a natural way of wearing ones hair, it is the way hair was intended to be. You lose your comb, you gain dreadlocks over time. The fact that you were happy to remove ones dreadlocks is a disgrace to our profession. As a stylist, we should encourage people to live outside the box with their hair, and educate them in ways of taking care of their hair. Unfortunately though, there are hairstylists who are VERY uneducated and misinformed about dreadlocks, and they are 9 times out of 10 the reason most people end up cutting their locks off. Your years in this business mean nothing if you've not continued to educate yourself in EVERY aspect that you can, INCLUDING Dreadlocks .

I vow that some day I will be educating my fellow hairstylists on everything there is to learn about our business, and I will not stop until I've penetrated one thick minded person's head and changed their point of view about things. If I can reach just 1 person, I've done my job, but I will not stop at just one.

I just wish every hairstylist had a PASSION burning inside of them like I do for this industry. We need more stylist that have a deep love for hair, and that includes hair in EVERY form.

Okay this concludes my rant for the night :)

05/19/12 09:51:49PM @kuguru:

Plus its the a lot of idiots a megaphone...I'm glad I haven't ran across crass pinners yet, but they're out, as with anything that has room to be misunderstood, will always be misunderstood.

05/17/12 11:24:06PM @stephani:

Valerie- I agree with you! That women is only contributing to those hateful comments by just sitting back listening, and then spreading them. If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Tara- Thanks :) and I definitely know what you mean. There are so many disrespectful people out there. I mean seriously, if you don't agree with someone you can either choose to argue, or save your energy and focus it on something that is worth while and matters.

Tara C
05/17/12 10:48:58PM @tara-c:

Your comment was great :) it's cool you replied cos maybe it'll open some people's eyes. Most people are stubborn though, they believe misconceptions and refuse to admit they're wrong, so those people, best to just ignore them, cos they'll never change their opinions, and there's no point wasting your energy trying to. Negativity doesn't really bother me, but lots of people are insecure, and it's sick of people to always prefer to insult or disrespect someone than simply ignore them. You never know the damage you can cause to someone.

05/16/12 01:47:13AM @valrie:

You are awesome for your comment Stephani. I must say, reading some of the negativity on there was a bit sad but, all of the challenges against the negativity were wonderful.

That comment about the parents and children only proves that woman to be an indecent human being. She says she doesn't participate but sharing and agreeing to what she perceives as the reason why the kids get teased is exactly that.
My son goes to a school in a very snooty area with a lot of rather uptight conservative people. I have had no problem setting up play dates or talking freely with other moms due to the way I look.

05/16/12 01:23:50AM @stephani:

Oh HAHA I know! That is just insane. If anyone ever decides they don't like my son because I have dreads then I'll be glad they saved him the hurt from being friends with such a judgmental person anyway.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/16/12 12:11:07AM @soaring-eagle:

if i had a account i woulda wanted to set that mom straight talking biout dready kids never hwaqving friends

05/16/12 12:06:42AM @stephani:

Thank you, it was written in a sudden rush of fury. So I hoped it sounded thought out.

She's a women if you look at her pinterest profile it says on there, I looked because I thought she was a man as well.

Yes that is exactly what I thought of them too, which is why I was going to pass the comments by until I saw the comment from the stylist.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/16/12 12:00:52AM @soaring-eagle:

your reply was very well stated and that stylist i thinks a guy and a sadistick prick

the others making negative comments are just drama whores out to stir up trouble to get a drama fix

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