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By: Stephani
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That is exactly how many dreads are on my head. I find it truly hilarious that I once heard Johnny Clean claim that a person should have around 100 dreads on their head. My dreads are all smaller then a pencil (except for a few big ones which are my fav's) and there is no way I could have fit 100. Anyway I thought it was funny...

In other news: I am officially finished dreading! I TnR'd my whole head, not including my bangs which are still too short. I am so happy! In a way though I'm mad at myself for having layers put in my head 2 months before I made up my mind to dread. Now my whole top layer is short and I feel like I have a dreadie mullet. Maybe I just need to get my beads back in. Who knows?

I used my dreadlocks shampoo today! I ordered the liquid in dragon's blood and the bar in tea tree rosemary. I was worried that I wouldn't like the dragon's blood because the scent seems so strong, but once it's on and lathered it smells really nice. My dreads smell so good still! I used my tea tree bar on my root and scalp area, and my scalp didn't itch for the first time since I started my dreads. I still used conditioner in my bangs to smooth them down. They wont be long enough to dread for a while anyway.

I did notice that my dreads look less frizzy, and my son felt them while sitting by me and sad my hair was soft. Also, I just walked into my bathroom since showering about 4 hours ago and is still smells awesome in there! Vicki sent me a sample of the locking gel. I haven't tried it in my dreads, but I did put some on my fingers and it left no residue behind so that is great news. :) Has anyone tried the gel?

Oh also, I colored my hair back to my natural color. That way I don't have to deal with having color differences when my hair grows out. I had highlights before this and they has already grown out and the new growth was driving me crazy. I have noticed though, that going from that light back to my natural dark (which I haven't been in SO long) is kind of shocking too. Maybe a little depressing.

05/08/12 06:46:23PM @stephani:

Valerie- HAHA I should count mine one each side. I bet I have more on the right side then the left. I will miss my blonde, I'm sure. I kind of do already lol, but I really don't want to deal with line of demarcation like you said. I eat lots of avocado. I heard on Dr. Oz that is was good to help stop grey's, and I have not found anymore since I've started eating it HAHA. It's probably just in my head, but at least it's yummy!

Timmy- It's crazy since this post I've found 3 more area's where 2 of them are joining. I separated all but the one I was talking about in this post. That one I can not get apart lol. My son is 4 :) he'll be 5 sept. 20th.

Timmy Kehoe
05/07/12 11:01:40PM @timmy-kehoe:
I never heard the term congo till i joined this site :) ive had my locs for some time & still some of them decide to join together without me knowing, they live a life of their own. How old is your wee one, my son seamus is gonna be 4 on the 20th which needless to say blows my mind, anywho enjoy the day or night as it may be :)

05/07/12 10:36:50PM @valrie:

*one last time = an unnatural color. :P

05/07/12 10:33:32PM @valrie:

I just had to give 'em a count: 43, a lot of loose hairs in between (probably thanks to my thinning my hair semi-regularly; it is painfully thick) and not including my fringe, of course... So time will tell if I get more or less than that. :P
(and I must say, they are FAR more evenly dispersed than I thought: 22 on one side, 21 on the other. The only part I gave myself when I TnRed was a center part.)

I've been sticking to natural color for a long time now... which has been really hard at times. March 2009 I chopped all of my hair off into a pixie cut and man-o-man was it dark! I dyed it one last time, fire engine red, and then let that fade out. Once it was faded, dyed the red out with a Clairol 3NN/4NN blend and haven't dyed it since. At times, I miss some of the fun colors (like teal or emerald green or my bride of frankenstein streaks) but I'm noticing greys which I would rather grow with dignity and grace than with a line of demarkation. :P

05/07/12 10:30:46PM @stephani:

Nogawar- Thanks! I just noticed it's lightened up a bit just from using my lockin up shampoo, so that took some of the edge off. :)

SE- I'll take some pics and try to load them tonight, if not tonight then tomorrow for sure. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/07/12 10:21:39PM @soaring-eagle:

lets see your natural you

05/07/12 10:15:42PM @nogawar:

I always freak out when I first dye my hair dark, but after a few days, and then as it lightens from sun and washing, I begin to love it again. I have tried staying closer to my natural golden brown in the past year, less reds and dark browns. I've honestly been weaning myself off of hair dye; it's hard to do after decades of dying.

Hang in there with the color!

05/07/12 10:13:10PM @stephani:

Valerie- I think I just need my tan back haha! Good thing summer is almost here! I counted out of curiosity lol. Mine are all different sizes too. It's kind of crazy the size range that I have lol, and yet I still have trouble finding beads that fit right.

SE- LOL I found it so funny when I heard that. That guy is a joke. I have two that are congo'ing now. They were not congoed yesterday but I got out of the shower and bam... so together I can't separate without cutting, which I'm not going to do, so they shall become one I guess. LOL I'm kind of shocked that I have a congo going on though with as much as I separate, it's crazy. I found some sweet loops that I'm pretty happy about thought!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/07/12 09:20:19PM @soaring-eagle:

haha should have? i find it funny how many find us using search terms like how many dreDS SHOULD A FULL HEAD HAVE the number could be from 1 to 600 or actualy 0 to 600 if they dont have dreads hagha

well 66 will be medium to medu[ium thin

basic rule of thumb is 20-30 huge under 20 massive 30-50 thick 50-75 medium to thin 75-100 real thin 100+ micro but there is no should be about it

the numbers will change year after year new baby dreads are born old dreads congo

its always changing

05/07/12 09:15:41PM @valrie:

Awesome! Awe, don't be bummed out about the color. I'm sure you look amazing!

I don't know how may dreads I have since I didn't count, and they are all different sizes, but I can imagine that 100 dreads would be really, really heavy. Oi!

Anyhoo, can't wait to see them Stephani and I hope you are feeling better about your journey every day.

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