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user image 2012-04-26
By: Stephani
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While in the shower today, I woke up. Not just in the literal sense, but in the "my eyes have opened to the world" kind of way. I now know that I was meant to be a Cosmetology Educator. I have decided that in July I will go back to school to get my instructing license. I want to educate future hairstylists' the proper, and more updated ways of "doing hair". I want to inspire them, and have them see my passion that I have for this industry. I remember all of my instructors, and only one of them stands out to me as someone who truly was passionate about what she was doing. She inspires me still to this day, and I've not seen her since 2006. I want to be that person, even if for only one student. If I can invoke that kind of passion and love for this business for just one student, then I feel my job would have been worth it.

I went into this career knowing that one day I'd want to teach, but I kept putting it off. I think because of insecurities and what not. Having the experience that I do now, I think I am better educated myself then I was 6 years ago. I am more capable of teaching, and I have more knowledge to share then I ever would've back then.

It's amazing to me how life never takes us the way we think it will. I'm more then happy to roll with it though, and I know whatever happens was because I went into it with a purpose and direction.

04/28/12 12:07:59PM @stephani:
Thanks everyone!! :)

04/26/12 06:31:17PM @spaceace:

Good to hear. Goodluck!

04/26/12 12:38:38PM @valrie:

That's great Stephani! Good luck to you!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/26/12 12:20:27PM @soaring-eagle:


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