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my scratchy comb...

By: Stephani
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Today I just feel like sitting on my couch and taking my teasing comb with the little metal tangs and scratching my scalp. LOL I call it my scratchy comb. Before my dread babies I never really combed my hair that often anyway, but now that I know I can't I think my scalp knows it too.

04/22/12 08:12:40PM @stephani:

HAHA it's funny how that happens... I'm trying not to think about. For the most part it's working.... Kind of haha

04/22/12 08:08:52PM @valrie:

I used to do something like that when I had color processing on my hair with the end of the tint brush... and I can totally understand how you feel. I hardly ever combed or washed my hair and NOW I've got the mega itchies. :)

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