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A message from the Moon

By Steaze McGee, 2010-12-21

A message from the Moon

I am proud to be the carrier of this information. On the night of the Lunar Eclipse Dec. 20 - 21 I bore witness to one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I would like to share what I saw with you guys.

As the world blocked the moon's gaze of the sun it turned red from the fire that bent around the earth's edges. The stars came out to pay homeage to the beautiful sight. And we all joined in the splender that is Nature.

Slowly the light came back to the moon as the earth uncloaked its new gem for the world. The stars began to recede to witness the moon take the stage in its transformation. Ultraviolet fire glowed and danced as the last shadow held the bottom tip of the moon. "For you I shine," the moon said. "We both gain our light from the sun." And yet the moon goes where the sun cannot. The moon keeps the creatures company as the sun makes its rounds across the world.

As I sat and basked in the company of my full moon she spoke to me, to us. On the moon there was an image formed in her countenance, One tree.

She sent us back the gift that she receives from us. And just as we enjoy watching her dance across the sky she enjoys watching grow and live. Take care of the earth she told me, us watching, and she spread her light to the trees and they waved back to thank her. And has the moon began its trip beyond the horizan the glow simmered and allowed the sun its entrance. Through the clouds vapor rose to signal the sun's coming and in this split second neither the moon or sun were in the sky, only earth and blue sky with our sister Venus floating in the distance.

It is here a bird sang from the highest pine. This is an image I imprinted in my mind and I give it to you as the moon's messenger.

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