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Combed out 3 dreads today

user image 2012-10-27
By: Star Gryphon
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I know a lot of you are going..."WHAT?!" was strangely therapeutic.

The first dread I combed out was one that used to be a part of another. Since it has been it's own individual just hasn't felt "right" having a place amongst the rest of them.

The second dread I combed out is the ONLY place on my scalp that I have any issues with. It's been bothering me about not being able to get these hairs that still have the end follicle still attached from inside the scalp and just looked pure grossness to me. It's been a point of dread stress for me for a while. This one I cut off the little "ball" on the end that is the most difficult to comb out and combed the rest of it. It had a decent amount of gross.

The third I combed out is sorta a special dread. You was the "first" one I ever had. I tried my hand at back combing it. When it didn't take to the backcombing...I did it again...I palm rolled it...I put wax in it...I was looking around to maybe use some of the hair that came out. With out even realizing which one it was..I saw that was basically the closest that I wanted the dry and donated hair to go to the kid!

Well...I saw which one it was. I take a look at it...see all the lint and stuff like was in the 2nd I combed out...but a whole lot more!

I cut this one off at right about where it was when I had put the wax in it...all the "unnatural" stuff I did.

Nastiest dread on my head!

Not anymore! It's now straight and brushed out hair.


]I feel like a big load has lifted off my chest. :)

Star Gryphon
10/27/12 04:42:18PM @star-gryphon:

uh...dunno where that donated hair to the kid bit came from. :)

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