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Trying a few wraps

user image 2012-10-25
By: Star Gryphon
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So...I'm actually sort of excited that I thought of this. Especially because wraps are completely as temporary as you want them I'm assuming?

I haven't seen my kid's dad in over 6 months. That was when both the kid and I were still in the hospital from her emergency birth and my c-section. She was really tiny and in the NICU. I felt self conscious that I looked like crap...but...there's not much you can do about it when you are in the hospital and stuck in gowns.

So...we were never actually a couple. I'm not sure when he made the comment to me...but it was at some point. He told me that my dreads weren't as "beautiful" as this other person who had salon dreads..or maintained them heavily.

This didn't hurt my feelings. It mostly just ticked me off. I know that my dreads are nice.

Right before I found this site I was doing some separation and ended up combing out large sections of hair.

I think I'm going to take those sections of hair...and then also find some other places to put some wraps in....sorta to "hold in" and hide all the loose hair.

I heard that the hair in the wraps gets the idea you want them to dread...and they section off during the time it's wrapped?

Not that that is really my concern.

I just wanna help myself look my best. :)

Star Gryphon
10/25/12 05:23:18PM @star-gryphon:

:) thanks. I'll make sure to watch it before I attempt anything!

10/25/12 05:17:39PM @mons:

I can't stand youtube for the most part. It drives me batshit crazy. If you go to her page, it's posted there, so you don't have to search around for it.

Star Gryphon
10/25/12 05:08:59PM @star-gryphon:

I'll look at that! I've been browsing around the internets trying to see what has been written about it. I usually don't have patience to watch Youtube videos...the ones I peaked at weren't what I was looking for

10/25/12 04:57:13PM @mons:

Wow lol For some reason I thought you had! Anyway, a most excellent tutorial by Ixchel on's how I learned. I recommend it to everyone who asks about wraps lol

Star Gryphon
10/25/12 04:48:11PM @star-gryphon:

Good advise Sussi! Thanks! Mons, I've actually never done a wrap before!

10/25/12 04:31:42PM @sussi:

I love wraps, they make the dreads more defined and that's a big plus. It's also a lot of fun. I find that the hair above and below the wrap knot up more than the hair in the wrap.If youstart the wrapa few inches from the root the haircan knot up above the wrap. :-)

10/25/12 04:28:35PM @mons:

The things we do to entertain ourselves, right? It doesn't take long at all to do a wrap with your fingers. You know how to right? You'd have to having dreads for nearly 5 yrs lol

Star Gryphon
10/25/12 04:19:41PM @star-gryphon:

:) I have some ribbon too...I'm thinking about taking my crochet hook and seeing how fast I can wrap a dread using one...and just a simple stitch

10/25/12 01:50:14PM @mons:

I guess it would depend on how long you left the hair in the wrap. I get bored with decorations after a week or two. I haven't had any of my hair (combed out parts) kind of decide to hang together and create knots after being wrapped.

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