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My neglected hair

user image 2012-10-20
By: Star Gryphon
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Although there are a couple of things I would have done differently when I started my dreads almost 5 years ago...

I'll have to say...I'm really thankful I went the neglect method.

That was the loudest voice that I heard way back then.

To be honest...I wanted to backcomb.

I couldn't figure out how to...I do have like one or two dreads that were started this way. They are some of my ugliest and...hardest dreads. Cause I also palm rolled them.

I got lazy....every time I asked that "loudest voice" how to get them...

he said NOTHING

Do nothing!?!!!????!

I think I ranted and raved about it once or twice. I was SOOOO frustrated!

I kept seeing all these beautiful dreads...and...they all said they did nothing too!

Dumb do you get dreads by doing nothing?

well...obviously you do something.

You wash your hair.

It'll start to mat up.

Like...bunches of hair will start clumping together.

Make sure those clumps aren't pulling in too much...especially other clumps
by separating.

You might not need to separate your hair for a long time! Like...a month or more!

Remember...everyone's hair is different.

It'll each dread in it's own individual way. Each set of dreads you have will dread differently.

I was told...most people don't keep their first set of dreads. 5-6'll just want to do it again. Because of all the things you know now...that you didn't then.

YOU WILL get frustrated!

You will HATE your hair sometimes.

I'd look at all the mature and long dreads and be sooooo jealous. Impatient that my hair wasn't that cool already.

But....I calmed myself down.

The dreadies in my community told're doing great.

One time after a Sar Shalom show (It's a reggae band), the vocalist Santino was chatting with my best friend drinking a beer...and when I sat down, he patted my head and says, "Awwww...Babies!"

They took their time...and did their thing.

I wore them up for work...

but when I was out at shows and at home...I let them fly free

People would be confused..."They aren't done yet?"

"I have a friend who can help dread up the rest"

"I can help you dread your hair"

"Wow you have a lot of loose hairs."

I honestly didn't let anyone touch my hair. I didn't trust anyone. Plus....I'm lazy.

I was told by I don't know how many different dreadies that I just needed to be patient

so patient I was. I'd look at my hair and be frustrated...

I think I screamed about it a couple of times.

I washed it about weekly...

I separated it...and guided it into what I could

Sometimes it guided me...

Some of the things that people had been telling me finally dawned on me. Like...I finally believe what you are saying!

If I could go back....I'd totally do it again!

You really don't need to twist and rip or back comb your hair to get it started


Star Gryphon
10/21/12 03:11:59AM @star-gryphon:

Thanks guys!

Really...I struggled so much against all those people that wanted me to maintain...

and then before I did I found this site!

Lucky I never learned how...otherwise I wouldn't have needed to search when I got that

"dread too"

Which is still sitting on top of my tv....and I see it every day!

Alyssa Metzger
10/20/12 08:24:58PM @alyssa-metzger:
This made me smile

B likes Tea
10/20/12 10:24:21AM @b-likes-tea:

Beautifully said! If I ever decide to do a do-over I'd like to try again neglect =]

Marq Mutant
10/20/12 08:26:50AM @marq-mutant:

Your stories inspiring thanks for posting

Baba Fats
10/20/12 07:52:05AM @baba-fats:


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