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Dreads have cycles

user image 2012-10-18
By: Star Gryphon
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Natural/Neglect Dreadlocks have cycles.

In the beginning there was hair! (Or not. Some start from bald)

I'm not hear to talk about those first few years though.

I'm sure you can find a ton of those. really don't need to do anything to "get dreads."

like really....

Keep your hair clean

separate when needed do that...and you magically get dreads!'s magical because at some point you forget that you were waiting so patiently

and look in the mirror and you have mature dreads!

We all wish anyway.

Here's mine right now

I have loose hair that never has actually wanted to dread in....

But....there has been a little bit more in there currently

and that hair on top is starting to separate into sections!


Look at what's hiding inside!



the picture is blurry....but those are babies in there!

Little...tangled...knappy...working on their knots...


That's cool cause...there are the actual mature dread locks already there....

I love this journey.

It really never stops once you commit!

so.,,,,all you impatient dreads....

what are you going to do when your hair is ready to go around again?

Sorry...I just had to throw that out there.


Star Gryphon
10/18/12 09:42:28PM @star-gryphon:

Thanks. :)

I sorta wish I had taken pictures of mine in the early stages...

but...I was living in a community with a buncha rope guess my encouragement was coming directly...

i was really lucky

Darren Wilson
10/18/12 03:10:55PM @darren-wilson:
Your dreads look good. I learned the hard way to be but it is absolutely the best way to keep hair healthy (With any type of hair). More people should post pics of locks in there early stages.

B likes Tea
10/18/12 02:22:29PM @b-likes-tea:

Wow, they are looking great!

10/18/12 02:14:49PM @sharai:
Can't see your pictures hun.

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