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What medias do you dabble in?

03/04/13 02:47:00AM

I was just curious what sort of media my fellow artist use in their artworks?

For myself..

I am skilled with my pencil and pens.

I am skilled with acrylic paints, but oils and watercolors not so much.

Given the right amount of patience and time, I can sculpt fairly well. (I like sculpting soap bars, and pumpkins the most!)

I am efficientwith a sewing needle, and machine. I wish to create fluffy monsters one of these days!

Currently I am trying to hone my skills as a digital artist. I am learning how to work with a tablet. Me and my love wish to enter the world of Indie games one of these days. =3

I am very creative with my writing, when I do. Though most of it is so personal I dare not share it.

And last but not least, I have learned the art of macrame. (I'm sure most of you do, but for some that do not, that is the art of tying knots. You know, those fancy little hemp bracelets everyone likes to make. =3)

So, that is this void... How about you guys?

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