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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/25/09 11:54:30AM @soaring-eagle:
u will love love love this

Electric Mama
10/16/09 02:04:54PM @electric-mama:
haha yeah i totally feel the same way!! what are u getting into this weekend?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/15/09 06:27:57PM @soaring-eagle:
yea they are just egomaniacs borderline insanityi found out something very odd about mathametitionsthey often only get sexualy excited by an intricate equation, not by humans only by extremely complicated math problemscreepy huh?

Electric Mama
10/14/09 08:20:52AM @electric-mama:
i only actually just seen like the box at wal mart, and well i think i did see it on tv or something but it was def odd. i hate like all video games especially stuff like guitar hero and rock band lol.

10/12/09 08:33:51PM @d:
Thanks for the add... hope you have a wonderful week, Blessed Be!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/12/09 08:26:53PM @soaring-eagle:
i met a mathamatician who believed because he had a phd in math and animals cant do math he should never dio anything animals do so he never had sex cause animals can..i kindly reminded him animals breathe..mathamaticainas are insane for all that so called briliance he couldnt understand simple truths he let his arogance tell him he knew everything there was to knowi could always tell when i was winning a debate with him hed always say "i have a phd you dont have a phd i shoouldnt talk to you"then storm off mad just to come back day after day aftrr day to try arguing with me till i eventualy hadta block him

Electric Mama
10/12/09 08:24:23PM @electric-mama:
yeah im sure they would have to and i guess they did. it is crazy though

Electric Mama
10/12/09 01:39:09PM @electric-mama:
oh yeah man! totally lolthat shit is whaccckkk

10/12/09 11:22:58AM @d:
Wow! I love the locks... I know everyone's dreads do their own thing but I can't help but to wish I had locks like yours. Stunning!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/09/09 09:09:02PM @soaring-eagle:
people are arogant they think cause they can they should

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