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Spider Feet
04/11/10 04:31:05AM
Electroencephalography and electromyography are being used to treat adhd without the use of powerful stimulants! In my opinion ADD and ADHD aren't disorders and traditional ways of thinking of it and trying to treat it all round just pisses me the fuck off! How can you possibly have the nerve to say that there is something wrong with a kid that is hyperactive and has a very active brain?I don't mind this though. It's about teaching kids how to control their own mind through the use of a kind of partial meditation. I know that meditation helps and couldn't even imagine trying to cope without.The use of amphetamines or other stimulants to treat ADD/ADHD is harmful both psychological and academically. Would you really want your kid growing up thinking they are screwed up because they think in a different way? The use of drugs while the child is honing their ability in abstract thinking will throw them off later in life when those drugs are not being used. Most of our processes for learning and thinking are developed in those early years if someone doesn't have the ability to adapt to the natural workings of their brain in that time then it causes issues later in life.Stimulants causes a calming and sedating effect for people with add/ what next, give all the other kids valium?
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