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motivation to start my dread journey

user image 2013-01-29
By: soulshiiine
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So, long story short, i've been wanting to dread my whole head for about a year and half. I've had 1-3 dreads in my hair for the most part during that time period (twist and rip). i've been planning on getting a friend to twist and rip all of my hair, but now i am leaning way more towards the natural method. I do have a more relaxed job and will be going to college next year so the timing seems pretty decent. i have fairly thick hair but its pretty straight with a little bit of wave. it tends to get oily pretty quickly if i don't wash my hair for about 3 days. i have been using all natural shampoo for about 2 years. so basically all i need to know is how to START. and when i do wash my hair, is there anything in particular i should or shouldn't do? thanks for your help!

happy dreading ~


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