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new dreads+blow drying=less knotting:(

user image 2012-06-10
By: Sook Ki
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so i should have just waited and washed my hair in the morning, but i couldnt help it, i felt so dirty after coming back from having car wash the whole day! so my decision was to was blow dry my 1 week old natural dreads, (well becoming dreads) and what a mistake:( i woke up this morning, and my hair is still a little damp, and less knotted. i feel as though the blow dryer detangled my hair a little and made it smooth. though my hair is stillseparatedand still feels hard but still, i feel like a lost some process:( oh well, im sure the loose hair will find its way back to where its suppose to be, until then, just got to be patient, patient, patient!

06/11/12 10:30:50AM @valrie:

If you have a diffuser for your dryer then you can use that. Sally beauty supply has diffuser socks that you can put on the nose of your dryer (only a couple of bucks) and that way you can get into the hair at the root area to dry it and not worry about the blast going nuts on your hair. Diffusers are used for people with curly hair so that it doesn't blow out their curls.

Another good thing is to wait about 30 minutes after blow drying to test your hair for dampness. If your hair is overly porous then you will blowdry and then later it's damp again because the water was being released from your hair pores. It's not a good idea to go to bed with wet hair though because once your hair does start dreading, this could cause mildew.

Sook Ki
06/11/12 10:02:19AM @sook-ki:

are you talking about natural dreads?

Baba Fats
06/10/12 07:25:47PM @baba-fats:

It's the nature of locks. When you first start them, they will look great that day. The next they may start to untangle just from sleep, and after the first wash most see a lot of untangling. You will see untangling and reknotting for the first few months. Many don't see them to ONLY move forward until a few months in. Before that, there's a 1 step forward 2 steps back process

Sook Ki
06/10/12 07:22:20PM @sook-ki:

yep i already did that with my blow dryer. but i didnt know about the untangling andre-tangling. thanks.

Baba Fats
06/10/12 09:29:17AM @baba-fats:

blow drying is not the best idea for new locks, but at 1 week old, you are supposed to see a lot of untangling. They untangle so they can retangle on their own.

If your blow dryer has a switch to ionize or not. Turn the switch off so it no longer ionizes

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