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do i boil everything?

user image 2012-06-07
By: Sook Ki
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hmmm so im hearing a lot of ways to change hard water to soft water, including boiling or distilling the water while mixing the shampoo or baking soda, but my question is do i only have to boil the water that im going to mix in with my soap, or i have to boil every single water that i would have to use on my hair, including rinsing?

Sook Ki
06/08/12 11:33:48AM @sook-ki:

yea i was checking out the dreadlocks shampoos on that site. i was thinking about getting it after i try adding borax to my dr bronners because i have hard water. and about that. is the borax actually going to help with my hard water?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/07/12 10:57:59PM @soaring-eagle:

including rinsing in fact if you use bronners and only rine with it it should do the trick

u can get a shower head with a filter that works as well

or u can use the soaps that work in hard water like

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