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Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Country: IN


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/06/11 01:01:23PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome how are u starting?

Donovan Sky Morales
11/16/10 02:18:17PM @keith-irons:
Hello Beautiful Lady,I'm so glad we are internet buddies. I want you to know that I truly adore seeing your face when I log on. Thank you for the friendship. Many blessings!

Mykan Iverson Stevens
11/04/10 05:44:46PM @logan-byars:
thanks a lot, i appreciate it.

Danielle Cacioppo
09/28/10 06:34:11AM @jesse-rose:
Hi! yea length is a really tricky thing to predict! I have friends who started getting length in 4 months and some who are at 3 years and just starting to get some length back! Both of those are pretty extreme and i would guess somewhere around a year or when they stop changing and looping so much. Many Blessings

Ganon Fraser
08/24/10 04:16:18AM @adrian-pacheco:
I seen your husky so beautiful, I am looking for a hiking dog thats will do great outdoors, a great companion. Playful dog, I don't know about dogs alot, just love em lol, do huskys make good friends and hiking bud's?

Kasia Petrovic
08/13/10 03:00:16PM @vedanta:
Hi hi, I just happened upon your freegan photographs. I've seen freegan parties, but I've never actually gone dumpster diving and cooking the items myself. I wonder how to sanitize properly. Do you have any link recommendations?

Taylor Devin
07/03/10 08:21:40PM @adh:
Haha I love artichokes, too. When I was 4 I threw a fit in the produce section of Albertsons because my parents wouldn't buy me an artichoke. People usually get irritated when they see kids kicking and screaming, but everybody was laughing at me because not many kids throw themselves on the floor over an artichoke. XD

Shayla Rietveld
07/02/10 08:07:00PM @les:
Hey! thanks for the shout out. I'll be watching your dredies transform. looking great so far!

Kevin Fraser
07/02/10 02:08:17PM @castaway-j:
I shall thank you for the compliment even though I dont deserve it. It's from a graphic novel called "Cages" by Dave Mckean that truly inspired me.I write more from the screen. There is a thread here somewhere with a screenplay in it...but like I said..No takesy backesy on the compliment

Kevin Fraser
07/02/10 01:59:43PM @castaway-j:
Nambla or just friends..hmmm it was a tough one but i think we both fair compromise ;)

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