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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


Location: philadelphia pa
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sylvia bagge "when babylon falls" copyright ©sylvia c. bagge.2015

Category: sylvia bagge
Duration: 00:01:44
This is an an original spoke word piece by by Sylvia. The words can be found below:

The English Language degenerated
No longer contains the seeds of our meanings
Concepts honest and human cannot be expressed through the
words of the courtroom and the politician's desk
New feelings emerging
Energy surging
Empathy facilitating the merging of all human yearning
Our spines are burning
Our hearts are turning

A brand new way
The awakening of our DNA
Taking responsibility for our actions and thoughts
Unlearning the self-hatred we've been taught

Unsatisfied with life as consumers
Starting peaceful and loving rumors
That we have become more than we have ever known ourselves to
be before

21st Century
The death of democracy
Self-expression repressed
A robotic life deemed success

Evolution blocked
Common solutions stopped
Children's minds pounded with the material way
Creativity conditioned away

Yet, the human heart unrelenting
Expanding to understanding
Enveloping each other
Doing good unto others
Looking inside with a compassionate eye

Petals unfolding
No more withholding
Dissolving ourselves into a wave already rolling
And music is our light to get us through this night

When Babylon falls inside you,
The whole world is going to rise up,
in truth
copyright ©sylvia c. bagge.2015
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