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rainbow family music collection

rainbow gathering music collection

a huge collection of music, poetry, spoken word, comedy and ambient sounds recorded at dozens of rainbow gatherings . many are recorded by tenali hedgehog and can also be found at

others were gifted to me through other collections

tip: if you have quicktime plugin, just click to play you can right click and save link as to download.

although most sound like high quality recordings these were not produced in a studio, but recorded in the woods, and edited in a solar powered studio on a veggie oil powered schoolbus. they retain that raw live soul. these field recordings also may reflect the personalities of the  recorders, since these represent a collection of several collections, like the "stick a mic in a bucket of dirty dishwater and see what it sounds like" recordings most is music, however some are just the sounds of being there which give you a greatter sense of what its like being at the rainbow gatherings in the woods.

  1. all night long- justin and lake

    simple fireside jam arizona gathering

  2. the water wheel- ambient sounds of the rainbow

    squeeky water wheel (conected to the water filtration system i believe) cranks on a never ending song all its own just some random sounds of the rainbow new zealand gathering

  3. all we's- spoken word-always

    allways does a spoken word peice called all we's about the interconectivity of all things ..brilliant arizona gathering

  4. agriculture song mona new zealand rainbow

    kinda a silly lil dity raunchy fun and goofy new zealand gathering

  5. heroes-jeffrey

    really wonderful song

  6. american hippie -rj (or is it arjay?)

    the life of a free thinking hitchiking american hippiearkansas gathering

  7. from behind the ovens -new zealand

    random sounds and conversations recorded behind the ovens in the main kitchen new zealand rainbow gathering --was that a goat?

  8. glory-kansas city- spoken word

    spoken word

  9. Ariva Con La Luna- fantuzzi- peurto rican song

    fantuzzi kicks out another classic with this lil song ..montana gathering

  10. moon- chavan

    a beautiful song/chant in celebration of momma moon

  11. the bastard from the bush- spoken word-new zealand

    kinda funny spoken word from the new zealand rainbow gathering

  12. babylon falls- brother bill, steve crow, john peter

    this song i love alot the writings on the walls babylon falls- wyoming 94

  13. walk the red road-spoken word- tree

    spoken word about what it means to walk the red road.. in harmony

  14. The Water Wheel Robbin Moorehouse Checkin It Out- ambient sounds

    more from the rusty water wheel

  15. babylon time -will O

    will O belts out this energetic song accompanied by stand up acoustic bass and drums pennsylvania gathering

  16. cello -classical-unknown

    just some more amazing talent from the rainbow family

  17. Crap Happy Pappy A Windmill The Architect -comedy- new zealand

    just a couple jokes

  18. be praying -brorther bill- wyoming

    very mellow song from the wyoming gathering

  19. The Night Of The Sacred Profane the Two Fire Main Circus Aka Scared Sacred- chant/ambient

    recording of chanting round the main fire new zealand rainbow gathering make a joyful noise ommmmmm

  20. watchagonnado-steve

    another great song from the talented rainbow family unknown gathering

  21. Beans Are Frejoles- fantuzzi

    fantuzzi entertaining hungry hippies waiting for food missouri gathering

  22. ectasy-jaris and tahira

    a amazingly beautiful song always makes me think f how it feels to be at a gathering

  23. The True Calendar A Bee Or A Wasp- spoken word/cfomedy -new zealand

    more silliness from thoisee silly rainbows in new zealland

  24. Bear Feather Vortex Spirit Tree- greg-comedy- spoken word montana

    comedy montana gathering granola funk theater greg copies glowing feathers a-z powem style and then does a z-a one as well

  25. old shoe-life flourishes-miranda-short poem

    title says it all

  26. The Water Wheel Robbin Moorehouse Took Too Much

    again visiting the squeeky water wheel ..

  27. Bhuto Funk-arron funk and friends -granola funk theater-arkansas

    umm.. description not possible??

  28. Farm Reprise A Bloody Rotten Audience Not Gonna Play Bob Dylan-new zealand

    yea we already know what to expect out of new zealand by now heres more of it..haha a whole 10 minutes more

  29. hope-jc

    spoken word

  30. Bom Baleo-gypsies-bow glow

    gypsy camp never fails to entertain

  31. Banjo Solo-Isaac

    banjo picken unknown gathering

  32. public servant-human

    human brings us this awesome song unknown gathering

  33. Bom Baleo-gypsies-alabama

    another version by the gypsie caravan band

  34. i am free -jaris and tahira

    another amazingly beautiful song from these beautiful souls

  35. zulu hour-mark

    spoken word

  36. Bom Baleo-gypsies-bow glow

    and 1 more

  37. Bom Baleo-gypsies-bow glow

    i cant get enough ofthe gypsies haha (these have diferenttract numbers so assume they arent all the same copies)

  38. the other side -not the end, the eye-unknown

    spoken word

  39. boys dont cry-liquid rainbow

    yea..its that song..but with just a lil more soul

  40. violin solo -devatma

    very talented violinist

  41. Breathe-arkansas

    unknown artist this songs just beautiuful out iof the arkansas gathering

  42. Breast Of Gold-ryan -wyoming

    mello tune out of the mellow wyoming mountains

  43. touch-touching your heart

    spoken word-sensual

  44. 17leafclovers-we danced all night-robbie gordon

    robbie gordons a true genius wether its metaphysics, quantum mechanics, or music on mandolin he can play probably over 4000 russian folk tunes, from memory, and thats less then 1% of the songs hes got memorized

  45. Breezes Of Ether-brother bill-wyoming

    peaceful mellow ethereal

  46. whatever i want-bump in the night-ellen

    funky freestyle poetry

  47. Bringin In A New Day-har i- alabama

    mellow lil trailside jam

  48. mace-stand strong-ryan

    after the leos fired pepper spray bullets in kid villiage one victim speaks out with this spoken word peice about how they cannot distinguish a love as strong as family

  49. Butterfly-rocker t-michigan

    reggae fans might be familiar with rocker t's studio work but theres nothing like rocker t unplugged in the woods

  50. gatherround-come gather round-erica

    another lovely song by erica unknown gathering

  51. carry on-shiner and fold-arkansas

    fireside jam

  52. people of the earth-steve

    another positive uplifting song by steve unknown gathering

  53. celevrate your life-david hummingbird, steve. felicia-bow glow

    fireside joyfullnessand celebration

  54. pollen-seed-cedar-spoken word

    more spoken word

  55. chant-bedoin tent-oregon

    just an example of the vast variety of spiritual chants

  56. chant-bedoin tent-oregon

    yet another bedoin chant

  57. chant-bedoin tent-oregon


  58. chant-fantuzzi-bow glow

    a lil chant with the fabulouse fantuzzi

  59. chant-rainbow gypsies-missouri

    gypsy chant with drums

  60. chardash-evatma-arkansas

    beautiful violin jam

  61. cherokee song-stephany-pennsylvania

    cherokee song/chant from the pennsylvania gathering

  62. classical guitar-unknown-arkansas

    more random trailside tunes

  63. could this be the light-double dose--michigan

    the twins known as double dose do it again

  64. crazy lovers of krishna-fantuzzi-missoiri

    fantuzzi honours the crazy lovers of krishna with this fun lil tune

  65. dance gypsy dance!-rainbow gypsy camp-alabama

    what the gypsy life is all about!

  66. dancing girls 1-sacred sisters-arizona

    close your eyes, visualize the moonlight the firelight illuminating the bare skin ogf the sacred sisters dancing in delight

  67. dancing girls 2 -sacred sisters-arizona

    feel the beauty of the sacred sisters mesmerizing dance

  68. dont be afriad-fantuzzi-oregon

    another by the master perfornmer fantuzzi

  69. dont know where to find you-billy wayne bo- rainbow glow

    proves you dont ned a studio to sound good :)

  70. dont stop shining your light-har i-bow glow

    awesome jam with drums and bass

  71. dreadlock rasta man-steven felicia and family-alabama

    rainbow version of a clasic reggae tune

  72. drum jam-arizona

    doesnt sound like the main drum circle which has hundreds even thoussands of drummers sounds like a smaller drum circle arizona gathering

  73. earth keeper-bow glow

    unknown a reminder that we are the keepers of the earth

  74. Ele Gua-african? chant/dance-arkansas rainbow gathering

    i'm guessing this was from dun dun villiage african dance workshop? maybe?

  75. emancipate yourself-har i-alabama

    har i sings emancipate yourself accompanied by standup bass (or is that a thump/tub bass?)

  76. ever loving spirit-bow glow

    sweet song unknown artist

  77. every step i take-jimmy john-arkansas

    take a walk through a universe made of love

  78. extinction is forever-har i-oregon

    just a reminder extinction is forever remember that and you will do more to care for our mother earth

  79. feel that spirit-steven filicia and family-alabama

    another beautiful uplifting song from that family that loves to sing

  80. flowing water-hari-oregon

    gentle peaceful flowing song by har i let it wash you away

  81. freedom-arkansas

    unknown artist song about freedom

  82. gaia-daniel davies-arkansas

    celebrating nature in song

  83. give peace a chance-jerueselum/kosher camp-arkansas

    ya just never know when or where rainbows will spontaniusly start singing for peace

  84. gotta follow your heart-felicia-arkansas

    felicias hauntingly sweet voice entices you to follow your heart and be free

  85. guide us on the way-har i-alabama

    your never lost when you accept guidance

  86. gypsy life-diferent gypsies-alabama

    guess this isnt those gypsies its the other gypsies?

  87. happiness comes from-steven felicia and family-arkansas

    happiness comes from serving one another and loving eachother

  88. have some fun-har i-alabama

    fun song bout havin fun

  89. hebrew chant 1-jerueselum camp-michigan
  90. hebrew chant 2-jerueselum camp michigan
  91. hemp hemp horay/roots in a truibal culture-fantuzzi and micheal b-arizona

    tribal reggae vibes

  92. hey ho overthrow-joosh-arizona

    revolutionary freestyle

  93. hey!

    oregon gathering says "hey!" spacy drum circle chant/jam..somethingorother

  94. hitch hiking man-double dose-michigan

    the double dose twins doin it again and again the only way that they can

  95. i dont know why i cry-rich, david & jessee-arizona

    gotta love the dedication of people who haul a huge stand up acoustic bass all the way up the mountain 10-15 miles from the nearest roads ..but then again pianos make the trip too

  96. i want to be naked-arkansas

    title says it all

  97. its the people-fantuzzi-oregon

    another fantastic song from fantuzzi

  98. jah jah on the line-har i-michigan

    awesome reggae vibe

  99. jah jah shal lead the way-har i and folks-oregon

    more reggae vibrations

  100. jah people-felicia-alabama

    lovin jah

  101. jah jah on the line-har i-alabama

    same song..diferent woods

  102. jam with flute-the four winds-arizona

    sweet jam

  103. ju8lia-aliza-hava-arkansas

    i was lying in my tent, falling asleep when all of the sudden anangel sanfg out loud and powerful from an unseen dark camp far off in the distance but the voice caqried on the wind with a power that silenced all around who stopped to listen..amazed..this was that song

  104. kettle dance-jewel and friends-pennsylvania rainbow gathering

    mellow bass/flute /spoken word

  105. know and believe-steven filicia and family-pennsylvania

    another powerful song by this amazing musical family

  106. looking for the fountain-ryan-wyoming
  107. love dance thing-isabella-arkansas

  108. love is here with us-double dose-michigan

  109. magical mystery-brother bill-wyoming
  110. main circle drums-rainbow family drummers-michigan gathering
  111. may the love in your heart-felicia-alabama
  112. me and bobby mcgee-steven crow, brother bill, john peter, mrs hippy-new mexico
  113. medicine wheel-steve crow-new mexico
  114. medicine wheel-steve crow john peter broither bill mrs hippy-wyoming
  115. mermaid queen-felicia-alabama
  116. milk truck song-papillon-alabama
  117. Monologue-jesse x-montana-comedy
  118. Mother Beyond The Beyond-fantuzzi-oregon
  119. nigerian story (chant) -arkansas
  120. ocean-double dose-michigan
  121. om shanti om- steve crow-new mexico
  122. om shalom salem-angela on harp-michigan
  123. om!!!
  124. one eyed jack-steve crow-new mexico
  125. one is the power-house of david-montana (one of my faves to crank up loud)
  126. one love-one love family-michigan
  127. one love-steven felicia and family-alabama
  128. one tiny dewsdrop-liquid rain-arkansas
  129. the power within us-jimmy john-arkansas
  130. rainbow around the moon-gypsies-rain bow (simply beautiful)
  131. rainbow nation-unknown-montana
  132. rainbow vision-papillon and family-alabama
  133. riding on a rainbow -mrs. hippy, john peter, brother bill-new mexico
  134. rhyme-diamond dave-missouri
  135. scat-fantuzzi-montana
  136. shiva shambo-bedoin tent-montana
  137. sing a little freedom song-fantuzzi-michigan
  138. sitar jam-bus villiage-new mexico
  139. somewhere over-sax-new mexico
  140. song dedicated to gaia-peter prince-arizona
  141. song of light-felicia-alabama
  142. sparkle in your eyes-rj and rich in spirit-alabama
  143. spoken word-juan-arkansas
  144. standing so free-unknown-arizona
  145. still us spirit-mrs hippy-wyoming gathering
  146. string band-family in path-arkansas
  147. strings and drums-on the trail-new mexico
  148. teachg us we are one-shiner and family-bow glow
  149. teach us we are one-shiner and fold-arkansas
  150. till we are one-moondancer-montana
  151. true ganja man-rocker t-michigan
  152. turn your face babylon-rocker t-michigan
  153. universal lover-fantuzzi-arkansas
  154. universal lover-fantuzzi-missouri
  155. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Bring_It_All_Home-groove camp
  156. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Bringers_of_Dawn-double dose
  157. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Chant_1-nada bindu
  158. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Chant_2-nada bindu
  159. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Chant_3-late night at g-funk
  160. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Crickets-tenali-mother nature
  161. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Fall-gabriel
  162. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-I_Got_Da_Blues-kid villiage
  163. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-If_I_Could_Be_In_Dixie-colonel crust
  164. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Im_In_You_and_Youre_In_Me-fantuzzi
  165. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Jazz_Improv-kid villiage
  166. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Little_Green_Man-colonel crust (wild fun crazy song love it!)
  167. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Living_in_Bliss-shambala and others
  168. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Love_is_Divinemj and g-funk
  169. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Mother-rainbow gypsies (beautiful!!)
  170. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Om_Song-nadu bindu and friends
  171. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Oud_and_Tar-robbie and carlitto
  172. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Rainbow_in_my_Mind-camp zipolite humor
  173. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Romani_Gypsy_Camp-rainbow gypsies
  174. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Secret_to_a_Long_Life-groove camp
  175. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Spirit_Take_Me_Home-sasha butterfly
  176. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-These_are_the_Times-double dose
  177. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Thumb_Piano_and_Flute-sam and camp zipolite
  178. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Trailside_Guitar_and_Melodica-stilts
  179. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Walk_About_Drum_Boggie-camp zipolite
  180. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Walk_Your_Own_Road-unknown brother
  181. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-We_Are_A_Rainbow-philip and kid villiage
  182. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Weave_a_Web-heron and rebeca
  183. 2000_Rainbow_Montana-Yall_Come-double dose
  184. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Dancin_till_Daylight-raccoon
  185. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Fiddle_Hoedown-henry the fiddler
  186. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Fire_is_Burning-steve goldenhair
  187. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Free_of_Fear-velocity mountain
  188. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Free_Style-free flowing freak family
  189. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Greasy_Buck-sosha and patrick
  190. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Happy_Song-assholier then thou
  191. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-I_Feel_Good-assholier then thou
  192. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Jah_Everlasting-rocker t
  193. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Jah_is_Love-rocker t
  194. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-KGB-brother acoustic pink
  195. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Love_is_a_Story-chai
  196. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Meatball-tim
  197. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Nazi_Punks-assholier then thou
  198. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-No_Woman_into_Snot-gabriela
  199. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Rainbow_Way-henry and g funk theater
  200. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Responsibility-detroit
  201. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-San_Francisco_Bay-assholier then thou
  202. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Thank_You_Jah-ca
  203. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Trippin_into_Dumpster_Diver-racoon
  204. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Uncle_Dont_Allow-mockingbird
  205. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Unplug_Your_TV-juice
  206. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-We_are_Strong-sasha butterfly
  207. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Whispers-cancer moon
  208. 2001_Rainbow_Idaho-Womb_of_the_Earth-rainbow chants
  209. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Babylon_is_Burning.-rocker t
  210. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Buffalo_Road.-racoon
  211. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Cajun_Hoedown-rainbow gypsies
  212. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Chant_for_peace.-yusef
  213. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Coming_Home_into_Ganja_Man.-rocker t
  214. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Drums_Drums_Drums.-dundun villiage
  215. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Free_Da_Herb.-rocker t
  216. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Grow.-osha
  217. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Gumbo_Rhythm.-drum brothers
  218. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Ill_Show_You_Mine.-gabriella
  219. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Maybe_Someday.-jay
  220. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-More_Drums.-dundun villiage
  221. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Mother_Land.-shanti (will give u chills if played loud)
  222. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Napoli.-gabriella
  223. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-New_Day_Sun.-double dose
  224. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-One_is_the_Power.-house of david
  225. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Paz.-shanti
  226. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Rainbow_Country.-rocker t
  227. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Rebirth.-curtis
  228. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Song_for_Valentine.-double dose
  229. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Strength.-alyssa
  230. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Take_Care_of_Yourself.-gabriella
  231. 2002_Rainbow_Michigan-Two_of_Us.-rocker t
  232. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Kickapoo-bobby and the kickapoons
  233. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Beernanearnear-podank
  234. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Blue_Sky-guitar mike and da color mc nari
  235. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Consumer-diamond dave and human
  236. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Dont_You_Cry_For_Me-guitar mike
  237. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Get_Connected-phillip
  238. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Going_Down_the_Road_Feelin_Bad-bobby and the kickapoons
  239. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Just_to_Be_Alive-rocker t
  240. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-More_Luv-rocker t
  241. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-One_More-rocker t
  242. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Poem_into_Deeper_Love-diamond dave and joni
  243. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Rasta_Roots_Medley-rocker t
  244. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Rolling_Stone-sister otis
  245. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Sasparilla-podank
  246. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Softly-loon
  247. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Spiral_Trance-nada bindu and fukami orchastra
  248. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Spirit_calls-sister otis
  249. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Spiritual-sister otis
  250. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Talkin_Blues-stan
  251. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-The_Goddesses_Coming_Out_of_the_Closet-shaman woman
  252. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Trance_Dance-nada bindu and fukami orchastra
  253. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-What_Is_What_If_Whatever-nada bindu and aaron
  254. 2003_Rainbow_Utah-Where_Ever_You_Go-rocker t
  255. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-01-Improv_Chant-opal
  256. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-02-Hindu_Kinda_Chant-deja & nakima & sasha & nastacia & tina & lucy
  257. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-03-Djembe_Chant-deja & nakima & sasha & nastacia & tina & lucy
  258. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-04-Reunite-terra taura
  259. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-05-Mount_Zion-deja & nakima & sasha & nastacia & tina & lucy
  260. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-06-Song_for_the_Indigenous-mj
  261. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-07-Sweet_Song_n_Chant-deja & nakima & sasha & nastacia & tina & lucy
  262. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-08-Just_What_It_Is
  263. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-09-Hermano_Sol_Hermana_Luna
  264. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-10-Jai_Hanuman
  265. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-11-Inner_Revolution
  266. 2004_Rainbow_California_d1-12-Light_of_Jah
  267. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-01-Beautiful_Chant
  268. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-02-La_Luna_Llena
  269. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-03-Santa_Lucia
  270. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-04-Bye_Bye_Blackbird
  271. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-05-What_a_Wonderful_World
  272. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-06-Dancing_in_the_Shadows
  273. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-07-Mas_Azul
  274. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-08-Only_at_a_Rainbow_Gathering
  275. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-09-Electric_Dream
  276. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-10-Another_Sweet_Song
  277. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-11-Who_Will_Be
  278. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-12-Babylon_Come_Home
  279. 2004_Rainbow_California_d2-13-Devotional_Qwalli_Piece
  280. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-01-AUM_y_Otras_Cosas-todos
  281. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-02-Instrumental_De_Harpa-john y miguel
  282. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-03-Poesia_Tolteca-luix
  283. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-04-Kalimba_de_Suenos-takuya
  284. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-05-Kora_De_La_Noche-john
  285. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-06-Instrumental_De_Violin-magdalena
  286. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-07-MC-diamoind dave y sol
  287. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-08-Tambores-macuili ikal
  288. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-09-Mas_Poesia_Tolteca-luix
  289. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-10-Hare_Krishna-john
  290. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-11-Suenos-luix
  291. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-12-Violin_y_Guitara-magdelena
  292. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-13-Un_Lugar_Sagrado-luix
  293. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-14-Excerpto_De_Hakim_Bey-jerome
  294. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-15-Canto_Indigena_De_Quebec-marianna
  295. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-16-Mas_Kora-john
  296. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-17-Mas_Tambores-marcurri ikal
  297. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-01-Pilando_Arroz-nico y fidel
  298. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-02-Vikunati-padelus
  299. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-03-Cosas_Bellas-danjhel
  300. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-04-Musica_Tipica-bajo mendez
  301. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-05-De_Lo_Que_Tenemos-fantuzzi
  302. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-06-Manganga-laura
  303. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-07-Mambo_Del_Machaui-pedulus
  304. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-08-Santu_Paulu-alan
  305. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-09-Sin_Limite-fantuzzi y todos
  306. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-10-Aria_Caddhripulita-alan
  307. 2005_Rainbow_Mexico-11-Suenos-luix
  308. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-12-Esfera_De_Amor-olimpo
  309. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-13-Ojos_Azules-pedalus
  310. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-14-Estrella_Fugas-fantuzzi
  311. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-15-A_Tratti-alan
  312. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-16-Cicio_Lunar-danjhal
  313. 2005_Rainbow_Panama-17-Gracias_Por_Esta_Vida-fantuzzi
  314. balalaika
  315. banjo solo-mike
  316. bare ass beach-bear
  317. Be An Actor
  318. birds -main meadow mexico
  319. blue moon of kentuky-podank
  320. bolero
  321. build a bridge
  322. cello solo 1
  323. cello solo 2
  324. cello solo 3
  325. communicate-denise lopez-every dog has her day
  326. Crystal Bowl Chant
  327. dark dark
  328. didj n drums
  329. djembe 1
  330. dont ignore-paranoid visions-outside in the vinyl years
  331. Do U Believe In Magic
  332. drink lots of whiskey
  333. Drumz.
  334. drunken sailor-trippin rainbow
  335. earth.
  336. electrified-i am electrified
  337. fish 1-guitar solo fish
  338. flute and didj
  339. freedom
  340. golden age
  341. gspot-earth is the g spot of the universe
  342. guitar solo
  343. hadompa
  344. hafizpoem
  345. Happiness.
  346. Hollow Bamboo
  347. I Am Alive.
  348. innocent
  349. Its life kid-maya
  350. i will never walk alone
  351. jagadambe-jai ambe jagadambe (beautiful chant)
  352. jazz-montana camp
  353. jig
  354. Kid Medley.
  355. lost in space
  356. Lotta 2
  357. Lotta.
  358. Mother Giai.
  359. natures catherdral-racoon
  360. Old Gyspy Tune.
  361. old sparky-podank
  362. phoenix
  363. poetry in motion
  364. rainbow saw-over the rainbow played on a saw
  365. rastaman-jah souljah-rocker t
  366. rockymtn-rocky mountain high
  367. rolling sweet baby arms
  368. Save Some Trees.
  369. shambo-mahadeva shambo-rocker t
  370. she feds me incredibly beautiful chant
  371. shes a drug addict-colonel crunch
  372. something-everything is nothing
  373. some words for rainbow
  374. spirit of love\
  375. Stand Up Comedy.
  376. starling-possibility
  377. Stay A Little Longer 2
  378. Stay A Little Longer.
  379. support
  380. tabla flute
  381. The Good Heart Of Thunderbolt. (this is actualy the mayor of the town nearest the ww virginia gathering, the mayor was a hippie protestor during the 60s was shot by cops for protesting and wrote a book about his experiences)
  382. this is why i sing-tahira and jaris
  383. This Old Road.
  384. together
  385. touchu-i want to touch you like that
  386. turn your face
  387. walking
  388. walking 2-guru strotam
  389. water-terra tara
  390. waveland (story behind this- when huricane katrina devestated the gulf region, and fema failed to help, rainbows formed rema (rainbow emergency management assembly) and arrr (american rainbow rapid responce) and mobilized many kitchens to the disaster areas waveland cafe being the largest) waveland cafe video is here
  391. we were born to love you
  392. wheels of motion
  393. whole jah world
  394. willie-dont blame me i voted for willie
  395. will of jah
  396. women are like trees
  397. yemaya
  398. zeroboy
  399. 01Frogs Amongst The Skunk Cabbage.
  400. 01Sound Of Circling Around Big Creek.
  401. 02Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow Tree-The Glorious Darlings
  402. 02You Are A Universe-Wade.
  403. 03Sawing What Have You.
  404. 03Sound Of Frogs In Skookum Meadows.
  405. 04Seed Camp At The Funk Take 1.
  406. 04Sound Of Sawing N Hammering Take 1.
  407. 05Achy Breaky Heart-Peter Pippin.
  408. 05The Last Indian-Roscoe.
  409. 06Preparing To Fry Some Taters.
  410. 06Sound Of The Heartbeat.
  411. 07Seed Camp At The Funk Take 2.
  412. 07Sound Of Fryin Taters.
  413. 08Ooga Take1.
  414. 08Sound Of Trolling The Fire.
  415. 09Three Raccoons In The Snow-Freedom.
  416. 09Treat Me So Nice-Unknown.
  417. 10Seed Camp At The Funk Take 3.
  418. 10Sound Of Hydrophone In Big Creek Take1.
  419. 11As I Walk Upon This Land-Human.
  420. 11Fire Drums Take3.
  421. 12Walkin By Water.
  422. 12We Want Mayo-Rainbow The Musical.
  423. 13FireDrumsTake1.
  424. 13RainbowFilledTheSky-RainbowTheMusical.
  425. 14Cycles-Jerome.
  426. 14SoundOfFillingWaterJugTake2.
  427. 15FryinUpSomeTatersInTheMorn.
  428. 15SoundOfSawingNHammeringTake2.
  429. 16Stumble-TheGloriousDarlings.
  430. 16WalkinThroughMuddyTrail.
  431. 17SoundOfPeopleWorkinInTheKitchen.
  432. 17WhyImLeavingYou-ChoiceGuitarMike.
  433. 18ColorMeBad-Boley.
  434. 18CookinUpSomeEggs.
  435. 19ContactMicOnCuttingBoard.
  436. 19IfWeChooseTo-Osha.
  437. 20OogaTake2.
  438. 20SkookumMeadows-DavidPdx.
  439. 21ItsAllAboutTheBall-RichInSpirit.
  440. 21SoundOfHydrophoneInBigCreekTake2.
  441. 22SeedCampAtTheFunkTake4.
  442. 22WalkinMainTrail.
  443. 23HempHempHooray-Fantuzzi.
  444. 23JustRight-Osha.
  445. 24JiggilinToTheBoogie-Cyphertrain.
  446. 24SoundOfFillingWaterJugTake1.
  447. 25SoundOfPouringWater.
  448. 25Semantics-Joe.
  449. 26ContactMicOnBoilingPot.
  450. 26SeedCampAtTheFunkTake5.
  451. 27Hunger-JW.
  452. 27SoundOfHydrophoneInSoapyDishBucket.
  453. 28BringBackTheBoogie-Cyphertrain.
  454. 28FireDrumsTake2.
  455. 29HoeingInSpring-Raina.
  456. 29ShortPoems-William.
  457. 30GranolaFunkDatingGameHouseBand.
  458. 30TwoPoems-Chip.
  459. 31FroggiesNearCrucialKitchen.
  460. 31TheSunIsGonnaBringYouOut-Nathan.
  461. 32FoundAWayToTalkToYou-Samantha.
  462. 32OurDarlinUniverse-MoonByYou.
  463. 33FrogFinaleAQuestion.
  464. 33SomewhereOverTheMegaRainbow.
  465. 01-BesideTheFiresDreamTalk-TheNeckRollJoneses.
  466. 02-LookWhosBackInTown-Clint.
  467. 03-TheThreePittleLigs-Chris.
  468. 04-ViolinFiddleViolinFiddleSolo-Mandolin.
  469. 05-Tumbler-NateEmily.
  470. 06-IWillBeTrueToMyLove-Craig.
  471. 07-HowYaBeen-AshTreeDivine.
  472. 08-PenniesFromHeaven-Clint.
  473. 09-TheRugYarn-GarrickBeck.
  474. 10-Space-DuddlePete.11-TheHulaDrum-Various.
  475. 11-TheHulaDrum-Various.
  476. 12-HotPotato-Joy.
  477. 13-BrownSkinWoman-Clint.
  478. 14-JohnHenry-Craig.
  479. 15-TheDreamersSong-Carlos.
  480. 16-FishermenWorkSong-AnalaEveryone.
  481. 17-TheGatheringOfLightsWaters-StephenWing.
  482. 18-ACelloOfBach-Unknown.
  483. 19-MomSaysNo-Unknown.
  484. 20-ChuckIsWhooshinTheYesClownCollage-TheRandoms.
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