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Rap 151

  • It is a tradition in our family to discourage alcohol use atthe Gathering.
  • We, especially our children, need a safe and sane ecosystem tocelebrate in.
  • We respect the alcoholics right to drink but the alcoholic mustrespect our right to gather in an alcohol-free environment.
  • The gathering is a Prayer and Peace Sanctuary, not a boozeparty.
  • Your brothers and sisters can help you through it.
  • Be whole, be healthy, be your true self at Rainbow.

Rap 115

  • If you are hyper-sensitive to drinkers, dont become a nuisanceto them or to Shanti-Sena.
  • If a drinker is bothering you, bring others along with you. Donot grow angry or reactionary.
  • Love them, many helpful brothers and sisters were once wherethe drinker is. Love them and they will come to the center.
  • If you are panhandled or otherwise insulted by a drunkenindividual, say no or leave. If someone has a legitimate problemhelp them if you want. If you dont, tell them they can appeal tothe council.
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