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Anyone want to share about their gardening this year so far?

07/09/13 08:48:19PM

I've been picking tons of eggplant, banana peppers, jalapenos, and yellow pear tomatoes. A few bell peppers and black cherry tomatoes. I had some sugar snap peas that grew good enough to have enough to eat but they died, I'm not sure why. I have tons of tomato plants that haven't produced much edible yet because they had blossom end rot but we added some calcium so hopefully they'll get better soon. I also have yellow baby watermelons growing, 3 of them, corn, sweet potatoes, and haberno peppers. I had alot of squash plants but they aren't making it too good. Also have three big sunflowers growing but one is flopped over because the flower is too heavy for stalk lol

I also bought an ice plant from the farmer's market for inside the house and I love it so so much.

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