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☮ soaring eagle ॐ

new site addition ideas (want input plz)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/22/13 08:55:08PM

last night i got an inspiration to start 2 new groups with a special purpose

these go beyond anything weve gpt now

group 1: free school


members post mini lessons..on any subject from how to bake muffins to advanced astro physics

when a member posts a mini lesson they agree to subscribe to the discussion to get email notifications so they answer every question if they ever dec=ide to abandon that duty they close the discussion

members can nominate lessons for archiving wich would mean the 1st post..the lesson would be coppied and a page within the group creatted linking to the original

there will also be a suggest a lesson option if you want to learn something new you can request a lesson if anyones able to prepare 1

group 2 the hire a dready campain

this group will focus on the diverse skills of the community

but goes beyond that

a job post resime post will be added to the classifieds

pamphlets will be prepared outlining the advantages of hiring a dready while clearing up the myths and misconceptions

members will go around to local businewses ask for the manager or hr rep ask if they have a minute to discuss it if not ask if they can set up a time for a meeting or phone call leave the info with them explaining your not looking fr a job just promoting fairness and understanding in the workplace

but goes beyong that the pamphlets will have the link to the classifieds and offer any busines that hires a dready free advertising for a month on the site (with a possibility after the month to become a full sponsor at a low rate)

a new ad box will be vreatted with dread friendly businesses and site sponsors (small unobstrusive ads rotasting randomly)

if you like these ideas i want a small group to work on the setup pri=]ocess with me especialy preparing the pamphlets for enmployers

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