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Third Eye - Pineal Gland Meditation

01/28/13 08:39:12AM

Hello people, i'm pretty new to to all this meditation thing , i've been havin' a diary about my sleeping, trying to get to Lucid Dreaming.

I've also been trying to reach Astral Projection without succes.

Yesterday 27.1.2013 i meditated while laying on the bed.

I was focusing on my forehead and i felt my "Third Eye" speeding up, hittin harder, eyes closed i saw started seeing light spamming.

After a while i saw this blue thing coming at me. then it was so big my View increased so hugely, i felt i could see everywhere, then this black spiral came at me and i was like okay, visions cool. Then i heard my third eye going so fast, it just made a weird sound, and suddenly i heard these high frequency alien like sounds in my head and i got bit scared. After those i calmed down and got this very euforic feelin' it was probably 20 times better feeling that weed has ever gotten me. Afterwards i was so scared, but now i feel great, haven't retryed yet, but i'm going to.

P.S . I've heard noices before, like i was a kid and i heard word "Jesus" when there wasn't anybody home, i think this could have something to do with it, i heard it's not unnormal to hear sounds while meditating but it might come when highly developed in meditating.

Anyone had anything similiar ? Or does any know what this could mean, hearin' these sounds. ::) .

Thanks, Jah bless.

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