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☮ soaring eagle ॐ

bare with the errors good things are a commin

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/07/12 08:31:39PM

over the past 2 weeks theres been several issues on the site and network in general ..odd behavoirs unexpected emergency maintenances etc

the reason for this is back end code changes tio make the sites more compatable with cloud servers (ill explain in a sec)

theres no definate date or even leaked commitment to a plan to migrate to cloud servers but the fact that the codes being changed indicates theres a hope to do that soon

what are cloud servers and why would this be a good thing?

as it is now we have 1 sever for the site 1 server for static content (images scripts) 1 for chat etc but if 1 server crashes the sites down

also tht servers in 1 location close to it u get fast page loads fartheraway its slower

cloud servers distrubute the site to dozens of servers around the world each server only takes the load from the ppl closest to it

if 1 server crashes all trafics reroutted to the next clossest uop server so theres no downtime cloud servers tend to be more self healling meanning an issi]ue in 1 area is bipassed till its resolved

this will mean faster more stable site no matter where you access it from

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