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Help :( please.

Brandy :]
04/09/12 01:36:19PM

My soulmate and I have come to a point in our spirituality where he is beginning to question...

If people dont enlighten themselves in their current lifetime or become self aware, expand their consciousnesses, you know....we generally believe that they keep on living life over and over until they get it 'right' (become self aware). But this is where we question, how can this be if 'God' 'The creator/ Higher power' is all loving? wouldnt sending them back to live again almost be like a punishment? I say no, because they arent aware of it, its up to them. But my mate seems to really be troubled by this.

and also, if people arent becoming spiritually aware, and/or are just generally bad people, mean, negative, all those terrible things, i feel that they have no TRUE friends, or meaning to life, or true pure happiness, and that is like their 'curse' but not as terrible as the word 'curse' sounds you know what i mean? almost like they just dont get to experience all these beauties in life to the fullest. But my mate has been in this funk lately like.."why am i constantly doing good and reaping no benefits from it?" almost like he has lost what amazing things he has gained from enlightenment. like he cant see all the good anymore he is just looking at it like "all the negative people seem to be having such fun and im doing what i believe im supposed to be doing (furthering his inner self, meditation, always doing good etc.) but i do good and good karma doesnt come to me."

Now, I see PLENTY of good that is coming to us, and i see changes all the time, i honestly dont know whats making him question or be in this weird funk, he'll be fine and then all of a sudden he doesnt seem to be himself and seems really angry/sad and shut off...and when i ask whats wrong he'll say the things i mentioned above...My soulmate is the one who enlightened me, helped me to look within, so when i hear him saying these things it really gets me down. I dont know why he does it, its really like a light switch, just all of a sudden, and it takes A LOT for me to make him realize he isnt really upset about anything at all, almost like his ego is showing through and gets him to this negative point that i cant get him out of and once hes in the negative point he will bring up anything from our spirituality like i had mentioned, to petty things involving us.

I guess im just asking for a little guidance on what to do.. Sometimes as im trying to pull him out of the funk things can get really out of control and arguments get escalated, and when he finally snaps out of it he will apologize and agree he was upset for no reason, but lately he has just started questioning our spiritual beliefs when he gets in this funk, so above i explained what he says because maybe im just not seeing it in the right light, but i really think it has to do with these weird funks he gets in....i just dont know what to do, he recognizes he does it and is doing it, but keeps doing it.

im sure this all was very confusing, but if someone could possibly give me a little guidance on any part of this post i would greatly, greatly, appreciate it.

Much love to you ALL.


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