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Trichomes, the miracle lock accelerator??

Chii Rising
02/19/12 01:57:54AM

I think the fresh, raw oils (trichomes) of flowering cannabis plants are the miracle dreadlock accelerators.

When I combed my first set of dreadlocks out, I noticed that they were much, much more mature than all the places that I researched said they would typically be at that age - about 1 1/2 years. Some of them were incredibly solid, & I had only left 3 inches to comb out. I attribute this to being a trimmer, or someone who trims (manicures) buds/flowers for medical growers, & rubbing my sticky hands in my hair. This actually proved to be the best way to get the "sticky" off of hands, even better than washing with rubbing alcohol. I even dunked my hair in "trichome water" - water left over from making ice water hash.

Recently, I rubbed some very small fresh buds in my hair, & woke up with a giant congo on the side of my head that has barely locked up at all in the last 6 months.

I honestly think this should be the new beeswax. Has anyone else discovered this amazing use?

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