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My 11 year old son wants dreads too!

10/10/11 12:01:20PM

Hi guys. I'm new to this forum so hope I'm posting this via the 'proper' channels! (Couldn't find any other discussions on the same subject).

I would like some advice from parents of kids with dreads please. I've had dreads for over 2 years now, and my son has just decided that he would also like them. I'm really happy he's made this decision, but i'm worried about how his school will react. My son went as far as asking the school secretaries if they thought he would be allowed to come to school with dreads. As you can imagine their answer was no!

I work in a school and my dreads have never been an issue, but I was wondering if my son's school would be within their rights to not allow him to have dreads. (Or to order him to remove them if he just turned up with them after the holidays!) Admittedly I certainly didn't ask my employer's permission & just got them, as I'm sure I would have received the same response as my son did!

If there is any one out there who could offer me some guidance, help or advice I would be extremely gratefull! Thanks.

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