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☮ soaring eagle ॐ wanna know about me?

10/19/09 01:48:21PM
My name is Victoria--22yrs old--I am single.. Bisexual..-- I do have an ex, that I still have feelings for, So I'm not looking for anyone, yet.. until my feelings fade away.I feel when I'm in a relationship with someone that they deserve The Whole thing.. Body, mind and Soul, not just a piece of me. I wouldn't mind making a friend and seeing where that goes. I am black, but I'm not racist in any way shape or form. I have a huge family and we have lots of diversity here..My personality is pretty cool laid back, very easy going. I'm a "go with the flow" type of person. I'm LOVE Humor and I'm easily entertained.. I don't do clubs, haven't been there in 4 years, I love playing video games Mostly sports and race car games,.. I'm into call of duty right now.I would like to meet people from different cultures, i want to travel and broaden my horizons..learn more. I actually wouldn't mind having a few mentors myself.. but yeah I'm a cool chick:):)**DREAD ON***
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