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Ride Share to Rainbow Gathering

06/11/11 12:54:37AM

Hello to all from RIO RANCHO, NM

The soonest We are leaving is 6/29/11
We are asking for help with Gas cause as we all know gas is a buzz kill this days so we will split the cost of Gas. We are driving a grand caravan and have a backseat for 3 riders available. We are really laid back & are looking for the same in people & are fourtwenty friendly
If you are interested in the ride offer email me so we can talk & if you have facebook let me know so we can connect that way too. We are kid friendly as we have a 7 & 4yr old. We also have a DVD player in the car for some entertainment on the way there.

Here is our driving route, 1 way or RT welcomed just let us know.

Live,Laugh, Love, Safe & Happy Travels my friends


Turn left onto US-550 N


6. Turn right onto W Broadway Ave 0.3mi
7. Turn left onto CO-544/US-550 N/N 1st St Continue to follow CO-544/US-550 N 8.1mi
8. Turn left onto W Chaco St 0.5mi
9. Turn left onto N Aztec Blvd 0.4mi
10. Turn right onto NM-574/N Light Plant Rd 14.0mi
11. Turn right onto NM-170 Entering Colorado 5.0mi
12. Continue onto CO-140 N 23.4mi
13. Turn left onto US-160 W/Navajo Trail (signs for Mancos) Continue to follow US-160 W 16.6mi
14. Turn right onto CO-184 W/N Main St Continue to follow CO-184 W 17.4mi
15. Turn left onto CO-145 S/CO-184 W/Railroad Ave 0.9mi
16. Turn right onto CO-184 W/Co Rd 28 Continue to follow CO-184 W 8.1mi
17. Turn right onto US-491 N/N Broadway Continue to follow US-491 N Entering Utah 49.8mi
18. Turn right onto US-191 N/N Main St Continue to follow US-191 N 85.4mi
19. Turn left to merge onto I-70 W 23.8mi
20. Take exit 157 to merge onto US-191 N/US-6 W toward Price/Salt Lake Continue to follow US-6 W 127mi
21. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-15 N/Salt Lake City and merge onto I-15 N Passing through Idaho Entering Montana 460mi
22. Take exit 121 on the left to merge onto I-90 W toward Missoula Passing through Idaho Entering Washington 310mi
23. Take exit 280B to merge onto S Lincoln St 0.7mi
24. Turn left at W Spokane Falls Blvd
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