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Consumer control (enter through the aesthetic response)

05/08/11 09:36:23PM

In our world of brutally bread and callously lead consumerism, it is unfortunate to think that something as purely beautiful as the aesthetic response has been discovered as a very powerfully effective, yet deceptively subtle marketing tool for the advertisers of corporate totalitarianism and booming BIG business. The experience of being moved by music or imagery is now being manipulated and controlled by the psychological genius that makes us believe we want and NEED these transitory products to survive. Beyonce wearing a milk mustache has a thinking, man milk is sexy.. if I drink milk I am sexy, or Michael franti is singing about sunshine to coca cola, coca cola = happiness, friends, summer time vibes I am sure that we are all really immune to these things, but really, we are not. The cues are so subtle and play directly into our subconscious functions of cause and effect and stir up feelings of well, guilt for not buying this product (you are a shitty mom if you dont use J&J butt powder while not blatantly stated, its STILL THERE).. glamour or sex, and of course, respect if you do, and here is why you should make those around you feel like they should use it too. and remember folks, be a good consumer now. Bad consumers (conscious consumers) are like rotten apples (and yes we are J gloriously so!).. in our society we encourage high respect for social norms. So be normal good consumers and you will be happy! To what we respond and how we respond to it is being molded and dictated to us via commercials, magazines, billboards, bus posters, Movies, TV shows, even in the hallways of the educational institutions in which our children walk. Minds for molding.. and we so often offer them thoughtlessly. We live in a society that force feeds ideals of the American Dream which is actually a toxic nightmare at the end of a long road that is filled with the distractions of consumerism, which keep us from attaining true happiness. But advertising says that happiness lies in the bank account of the credit card holder and the mind of the cloaked debt collector. To be an ethical consumer means not only removing ones self from the capitalist equation (as much as possible), but also living in a way that offers a positive alternative. About the aesthetic response as a marketing tool, we can use it as a positive one too. The use of art to generate positive action or an open state of awareness is a beautiful thing. To step outside the established walls and the media that has penetrated EVERYTHING we think, see, taste, feel, say, believe, breath, and do.. which is all a part of our consumer condition. So I think a great discussion would be, how are we, as conscious consumers going to replace these old detrimental norms with positive ideas and healing actions? The human condition is in desperate need of healing and we each have uniquely individual visions and gifts to offer each other and share with our planet. I would love to hear everyones ideas .

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