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The meaning of your dreads?

08/04/09 11:51:34PM
i apoligize if i stray from the direct point of this group, but i think it fits this the bestfor me i am only just beginning my dreading process, an am fairly sure that i will find much more sentimental value in my individual dreads along the way. As is there are sevral, the most proment on my mind is the friendship that i think of synonimisly with my dreads, having the my dreads founded on faith i invest in this relationship may seem a detriment to my enjoyment of my hair latter but its inevitable that i think about it no matter when i get my dreads. I have always been intrested in dreads and wanted them off an on an certainly when i was at barterfairs and gatherings, an now i have a comfoprtable opertunity to start, being a tangible example of my path to self center. Lastly i feel more conected and at peace the less i worrie about appearence, if i manage not to fret over the frayed hair then ill have conquerd that branch of self confidenceok thats all i got for now, looking foward to hearing other peoples thoughts
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