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how do you handle negative or constructive critisism?

jessica acosta
04/17/11 06:32:37PM
So this doesn't have anything to do with dreads, but i just recently wrote a book and am about ready to make it available to buy on amazon. I have something set up online so people can review half of the first chapter, and it's been up since january. I thought i would be good at taking critisism but last night somone rated it and was kind of mean about what they had to say. I'm trying really hard not to let it bother me, because i love my book and my new motto is to be happy no matter what obstacles i have to face, but they seemed to have hit every nerve and every worry i've ever had about my book. :( i was just looking for some advice from people i don't know. I felt like my friends were baby-ing me when i brought it up to them. I don't want that cuz it makes me feel worse. I'm just lookin for some advice from people who might have some experience in being critiqued on something they love and how to handle it without letting it put a damper on everything. Any and all advice is much appreciated :)

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