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☮ soaring eagle ॐ

aaron funk in haiti needs rainbow help green energy

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/29/11 04:00:41PM

for those who are unaware aaron funk is one of the main organizers of arrr

after the haiti disaster arr attempted to mobslize to help there too, however for some reason was unable to, and aaron went on his own tio help out in haiti

now he needs our help

the following was sent to me

Aaron Funk is in Haiti and needs some Green energy to keep it flowing.

Aaron Funk
March 22 at 6:33pm Reply Report
Dear Friends,

I am writing you in brief today to humbly ask for assistance. I have been in Haiti for the last 3 months working on a improv teacher training project. We are very close to finishing but have fallen into over time by having to add 3 weeks to finish a production with all the students. 21 to be exact. The production is a requirement to gain a certificate.

After which all the students are eligible to work in local schools (there are no public schools) to start the first public theater program for kids in Haiti. There is currently no sustained theater program in Haiti. And over %50 of the population is under 14 years of age and living in a country having %80 unemployment. This program not only offers a valuable opportunity for work but also a voice to the millions of children inheriting this country. I have been teaching this course for almost 8 weeks now and have had no time to look for work for ALL of my students. The schools are there and ready, as well as several orphanages and refugee camps. Without time to invest personally I cannot guarantee this will happen.

So to make it brief, I have completely exhausted all of my personal resources and I am asking for help.

The situation. I have a date for returning to the U.S. set for this Friday and a date for the performance on April 8th in Haiti. All of my bills in the US are over due and I am looking at having to change my ticket. Currently this is impossible for me.

I am for all purposes begging you for help. If you can donate, loan or other wise help with any amount of money, a plane ticket or something, Please do. I am looking at around $1200 bucks including plane ticket and keeping all my equipment from getting sold at auction.

I know that it maybe difficult for you to understand why this is important and you may be more keenly aware of other dramatic events in the world. However Haiti is far from being finished and %99 of people here have no hope at all and live in conditions that there is no way for you to understand. This program has brought light, laughter and options to 21 young people who can in turn bring this to thousands of children in the south west of Haiti.

Please let me know as promptly as possible. If I receive no offers help in the next day I will have to leave, unfinished.

Thank you and I am sorry to bother you.

P.s I will be selling everything I can when I go home to try and pay for round 2. And I have sent this to varied group.

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